Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Big Thanks on Thanksgiving

I am blown away by the package I got from Punk Rock Paint. I sent him a bunch of Padre cards and he sent me 56 Red Sox cards. I don't have enough time to post them all since it is Thanksgiving, a day to spend with family, so I am going to post some highlights. And what highlights they were. First up is this Awesome Youkilis Autograph.

I was shocked to pull this out of the package I had no idea he was going to send something like this. This is my first Youkilis autograph and with him being my favorite Sox I am stoked.

As surprised as I was when I pulled the Youkilis auto out imagine how surprised I was to get this also.
A Michael Bowen auto. They say this kid has the potential to be an ace in the next few years. I can't believe the generosity of my fellow bloggers.

He also sent me a few cards to fill my want lists.

He also sent me this cool Mike Greenwell card Friend of the Green Monster that give me a chance to shout out a new blog Green Monster I came across. He is another Red Sox fan so check him out.Thank You so much for the cards. Everybody needs to check out Punk Rock Paint. He is a wiz with images you won't believe some of the cards he has designed. Thanks again and everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Scott C. said...

Thanks for the plug for Green Monster! I never get tired of seeing that ProVisions card. I'm super jealous of the Youkilis card.
Scott C.

Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the surprise package with the neat Jose game-used! I will do a 'Card of the Day' on it next week with a plug for the site.

Also, I have a Red Sox auto to send you!