Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fight Night!!

Sometimes it is hard to get excited for a boxing match anymore but tonight isn't just an ordinary boxing match. It is the return of my favorite boxer.

Roy Jones Jr.

Tonight he tries to turn back the clock against Joe Calzeghe. The fight is more against time than anything else. 5-6 years ago Roy would have wiped the mat with Joe. Not that Calzeghe is some kind of tomato, he is actually a really really good fighter. But Roy is the best fighter of my lifetime. (I was alive when Ali fought but but just a baby so it doesn't count) He had uncanny speed and great power.

Oh Yea, he can rap pretty well to.

I hate it when great boxers try one more time and can't cut it anymore so I hope that doesn't happen tonight. Sadly I won't get to watch the fight unless i come up with someone to split the $50 with me. I've been burned to many times by PPV to pay it by myself.

Good Luck Roy!!


Joe Martelli Jr. said...

Nice to see somebody posting about boxing! I see Calzaghe winning a decision over Jones in a boring fight. Roy's gonna try to hit and run. I do agree, about 5 years ago Roy knocks him out. I think tonight Calzaghe stays busier and out works him. I also won't be buying this fight. It will be on HBO next week.

AdamE said...

Boxing has really went downhill. It is PPV that has killed it to. The boxing big-wigs need to look at what the UFC is doing. Dana White and MMA really have it figured out. The reason MMA is more popular than boxing now isn't because of the content it is the availability of it. When is the last time you watched a great boxing match on network TV? Probably 15 years ago. MMA has one on every few weeks. The fighters get the exposure they need on regular tv to sell a big PPV later.

Joe Martelli Jr. said...

I agree Adame, but is the UFC starting to head down the same road? The Lesnar vs. Couture PPV is 45.00. The PPV's used to be 29 bucks. Yes, they have the Spike TV thing on seemingly every 5 minutes which boxing doesn't. Let's hope Dana White doesn't get too greedy. He seems like a down to earth guy, but money does funny things to people.

AdamE said...

You were right Joe took it. From what I read it sounded like Roy took a pretty bad beating. I'm not even sure i want to watch it on HBO next week. It really sucks when your heros fail.