Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I got mail!!

Actually the mail came Monday and I didn't have a chance to post it till now. But in the mail Monday was some cards from Steve over at The Easy Life. Steve is a big Mets fan so I had sent him a box of 50 Mets cards and a Game Used Piazza that he picked, a numbered Game Used Piazza bat, out of my Game Used Stuff for trade. In all he sent me back 29 Red Sox card and this game used.

Of those 29 cards 20 were new to me and nine were of the insert/parallel variety. So what I lost in quantity Steve more than made up for in quality!!

A black bordered Bobby Doerr UD Masterpiece. This is my first black bordered card from this set and I have to say I really like it. It makes the card look even more like a piece of art.

I got a whole handful of black UD Heroes from Steve. The black is so much better looking than the base card. Heck I think it looks even better than the scarcer grey numbered cards, like this Boggs that he sent me. With Steve's help I now have over half of the team in the black version, I am going to be adding them to my want list very soon.

2 A & G Minis!! The A&G Minis are my favorite cards from 2008. I now have 5 of the mini Red Sox Lowell, Pedroia, Okajima, Dice-K, and Schilling. if anyone else has some they want to trade please drop me an e-mail.

My favorite player, Kevin Youkilis. Even though he is my favorite player I have never pulled one of his cards in a pack. I guess I'm just lucky like that. As a matter of fact out of my thousand or so Red Sox cards I probably only have about 10 of his cards total. Of those 10 Youkilis cards 5 of them are this exact card. I'm not complaining by any means, it is better than no cards of his. Beggars can't be choosers.
This was a great trade. If you haven't haven't traded with him yet I recommend that you do. Even if your not looking to trade you should head over and check out his blog, The Easy Life.

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steveisjewish said...

Hey Hey - I'm glad you liked the cards - when I got yours I felt like a jerk for not sending as much, but I really am glad that you liked them - I will be posting up what you sent me in the next day or 2 - the wife had off work the last few days and she dont take kindly to me blogging when i have other marital duties to attend to!