Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Contest

No not here.  Are you serious I don't have the gumption to even write a post, I can't be having a contest. 

You have three days to get over to Enough Already and enter the the contest over there for a bunch of cool stuff.  Here is the link.

One of these days I will get back to posting.  I have a ton of trades that I need to post, just haven't got to it yet.  One of these days I'll do them. (maybe)  It won't be this weekend though because I have a busy schedule that includes fishing Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

So early Happy Memorial to you all.

Oh and it is about dam time Blogger added the spellchecker back.  (actually it may have been there for a week or so.  Been that long since I posted)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Contest

No, not Here.  Over at Hey That's Mine...  Blog better known as Big D.  He is a wiz at making custom cards any you could win one.  So check it out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have You Offered a Trade to Me Lately??

I was cleaning out my junk mail file and right as I hit delete I noticed an e-mail that said Cards... then it dissapeared forever.  I'm not sure who sent it to me.  It looked like someone named June March sent it but like I said I saw it for a fraction of  second before it was gone.  So if you someone out there offered me cards in the last few days and I haven't responded please send me another e-mail.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cards from reader Howard

A while back I saw a trade post by Cards on Cards about a trade he made with a reader named Howard.  I got hold of him and worked out my own trade for some great cards, here is that post.  Then out of the blue I received a suprise mailer in from Howard.  ***I got this package long long ago***I scanned cards and saved but for got publish***Sorry Howard***

2010 Turkey Reds:  I am so close to every single 2010 Topps Red Sox. (hot counting hats, patches and stuff like that) I only know of one card that I do not have yet but I can't verify that untill I see the checklist from Topps that has the team name listed.  I can't beleive how fast this has wrapped up.  I only have 2 Trukey Reds from 09 and here I am one month in with all the 2010s

HE also sent some eyeball Dick Perez cards.  I call them eyeball Perez cards because every one of them I have seen has crazy eyes.  Just look at the expression on Manny's face.

A Ultra Gold Papelbon.  The like this one are really hard to even tell they are gold not like the awesome gold cards in '95.

Howard also sent some Relics.  First up is a Lugo Heritage Relic.  He seems way happier in St Louis and Red Sox Nation is glad he is there.

This last card Howard sent is a reall odditity.  I'm not sure what it is.  I'm guessing some kind of repack relic.  Hard to tell from the sacn but it is really big with an actual '87 Topps card placed in it along with a piece of jersey.  What appears to be a Yankee jersy by the pinstripe.
Evidently the swatch came from Upper Deck.  At least that is what the back of the cared says.  Now if I can only figure out how to store the thing.

Thanks for the surprise Howard.  I'll be starting another Cubs stack for you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Card Show Passes and Wishes

I saw some stuff at the show I wish I could have bought. 

The guy I bought my 52 Bowman from has more Post cards than I have ever seen in one place.  He litterly had thousands.  He didnt' however have the 61 Virdon I needed.  But he did have the 63 Virdon.  The problem is he wanted to much.  Now it was in great shape.  Whoever cut it out did a really good job because you could still see the little black border all the way around the card.  The guy said he had to have $25 for it.  I was shocked and told him so, said I was thinking more like $5.  He told me there was no way he could do it because it was a SP.  From his explination some of the Post cards were only put on certain products like Exlax.  Since they were not used as much as cerial they were shorter printed.  Can anyone verify this?  Hopefully it is correct and really is rare because I got one on ebay Monday for $5.

While I was going through boxes this man came up with a binder and asked the dealer if he was buying any cards.  They dealer said he would take a look at whatever he had.  The guy handed him a binder that soon had half the dealers at the show gathered around.  I just so happened to be in a perfect spot to watch him flip through the binder.  It was full of B18s.  If you don't know what a B18 is look here amd here.  When I say full, I mean it was a 3" binder stuffed with single card pages of them.  Had to be over 100 of them and mostly HOFers too.  I didn't get to see hear what the guy wanted because right when they started talking money my kid had to go to the bathroom.  When we got done in the bathroom the guy was walking away with binder in hand.  But they were pretty cool to see.

The guy had at least 6 of this Johnson alone.

The other things I wish I could have bought were a bunch of Boxing cards.  Some people probably just shut their browsers but I don't care.  One guy had a case of old boxing stuff that I would have loved to have.  He has a few A&G, a Jim Jefferies American Caramel, and another oddball Jeffries that I ddnt' know.  It was from some European set.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Free Comic Book Day

I picked this card up at the card show for a buck.  It wasn't exactly frr but close enough.  But it is a free read for you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

We have a winner!!

Doc from Baseball Card Recollections correctly guessed 1961 Post Roberto Clemente.  He also correctly guessed that Bob will soon have a new home in Flordia.  It is kinda funny he won because I came across his blog for the first time last week.  I'll will be packaging up some stuff for him this weekend.

Congratulations Doc

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Card Show Loot Contest

This will be my first contest here at Thoughts & Sox.  The way it is gonna work is easy.  When I go to a card show I like to pick up something for someone else.  Last time I got a card for dayf.  This time I got one for someone else.  Here is how the contest is going to work.  I want you readers to guess the player on the card and the blogger that will  be on the receiving it.  I'll give the winner something that fits their collection.  And if I do have anything that fits I'll go get it*. First one that guesses both correct wins. 

You're clues are the card design and a few stats. 

-Good Luck

* If the winner collects vintage Mantle, Original T206, or something along those lines they will be SOL.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Card Show Loot Post 3 Table #2

After visiting the guy with the vintage bin I went straight to another dealer I buy lots of stuff from.  He always has monster boxes full of 55-75 cards all sorted by year and number.  When I visit him I have a hard time leaving his tables with any money left even though he usually cuts me a deal.  He says he likes to givebetter deals to guys he knows are buying for the sake of collecting not reselling.  Again, like the last guy, I would post the business card he gave me but I lost it.  Okay onto the cards I got.

He didn't have a bin but he did have a 1000 count box marked 10% of Beckett.  I did good in this box.  Really good.  This is the first card I grabbed up. 

Why he only wanted 10% for this thing I can't figure.  It is easily the nicest 71 Topps I own.  Perfect corners and no chipping.  It is a little offcenter but perefect in any other way.  What is 10% of Beckett did you say?  Can you beleive $3?  This is the best deal I got all day.  One of my better finds ever. 

Next up I got a double.  Now I brought my checklist and it said I had the card already but I sure didn't remember the picture and thought the guy looks so goofy I surly would remember it if I had it.  Turns out the list was right and I now have to cards of this Dizzy goofy card.  (3 cards, I found I have a reprinted one also)  This one was an upgrade at least.

1952 Bowman is one of my favorite sets of all time.  They are mini cards and the artwork is some of the best ever issued on a card.  He had about 200 but these were the only Red Sox I needed.  All my other 52 are in such poor shape compared to these.

The only drawn set I have seed that compares with these is 2007 Bowman Heritage and it was a copy of this.

I try to shy away from 54 Bowman because I know I will never own the whole team set.  Unless Gellman actually sends me the 50K to spend on ebay.

When I got back into collecting my plan was to finish the 56 team set and then the 55 because I already had the Williams from both sets.  I got the 56 done but I kinda got off track and chased about 200 different team sets instead.  I'm now two cards closer.

The guy pulled like 10 boxes out from under his table looking for the last 1960 Topps I need Bill Monbouquette (which noone had at the show) when he uncovered a stack of Deckle.  A big stack, a couple hundred of them.  This Harrelson is the last one I needed.

I also bought something else from this guy but it is for tomorrow's contest post.  So stay tuned tomorrow for my first contest.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Topps Set Designers

This started as a comment on Cardboard Junkies post about Topps 2010 releases.  I started to write a complaint post about how Topps has used A&G, T206, and T205 to death.  I started to write in all the names of sets with designs that could be used but instead decided to just write me own dang post and show everyone what I was talking about. 

So here are some old cards that could be used as a template for a retro set.  Everyone chime in one which you would like to see. 

1887 Red Stocking Cigars
Would hav eto rewrite all the Tobacco stuff but doable.  If nothing else it could be changed to "Collect the "Topps ____ Set" and used as the dummy card that is suppsed to thwart pack searchers

1884 Nation League Scorecard Cover
Not actually a card but could work. 

1904 Allegheny Card Co
Personally I think this would make a great design for the back of a retro card.

1912 E136
This would look good with the border some shade of gold and embossed.

1909 T204
Think how easy it would be to change the color of the ivy and parallel the heck out of these.

1909 T204 Square
If you don't like changing the ivy as a parrallel than change the shape like the originals.

1912 C46
Possible color variants like UD Heroes.  These are also just right for making mini cards.

1922 E120
Again easily parralleled

1922 Neilson Chocolate
Check out the embedded designs that are different in each card.  Each player could have a variant of designs not to mention colors.

Think about all of the thousands of non baseball designs that could be used.

I found all these designs in less then 10 minutes on a Robert Edward Auction and I only looked at the first 17 pages of 70.

Card Show Loot 2

This is the post with the good stuff I got from the guy with the clearance bin. Although none of these came from his clearance bin.  These were in a case of nothing but Goudey/Chicle/Playball.  (and some odd 1930 Blue Ribbon Malt cards)  He had an odd pricing scheme for the cards in this case.  On each top loader he has Beckett Price and then he had the price that he wanted for them. But he had them on sale for 20% off.  Evidently he only figured someone would buy one card at a time because it was a nightmare to try to figure out how much one of these cost.  He realized it too and knocked them to 10% Beckett price. 

First up is this card from a set that inspired the new Chicle set.  I bought this original for the price of two packs of the 2010 version.

Here is the back in case you want to compare it to the new ones.  I would comapre for you but I don't have any 2010s yet.  Probably won't untill someone sends me some because I spent my whole months card budget in one day.  I'm going to have to do some major honey do stuff to even participate in the upcoming group breaks I was planning on.

Here are a couple 33s I picked up.  I just love old old cardboard.  The new retro stuff is cool but it can't compare.  I'm almost to the point of giving up on new stuff altogether and just going vintage.

Maybe someone can help me out here.  I think this is a 33 also but it doesn't say BIG LEAGUE at the bottom like the others.  Is it a series 2 or something?

Last of the cool pre war cards.  A 34 Goudey this time.  I can't explain what it is like picking up old cards like this.  All I can say is that you all need to go experiance it for yourself.

Next post will be cards go from a dffeent seller.  I got some pretty good stuff from him.  A few 50s but nothing as old as these.  Stay tuned...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Card Show Loot Post 1

This is the first installment of posts about the card show I attended this weekend.   I'm not sure how many I am going to write but it will be at least 3 probably more. 

When I go there I didn't even do a quick walk arund like normal  I went straight for the bin guy.  I was hoping he would have some more old stuff in his clearance bin.  I wasn't dissapointed.  I grabbed his business card tis time so I could give him some advertising, but I lost it.  Maybe next time.

Here is the back in case you want to compare it to the new ones.  I would comapre for you but I don't have any 2010s yet.  Probably won't untill someone sends me some because I spent my whole months card budget in one day.  I'm going to have to do some major honey do stuff to even participate in the upcoming group breaks I was planning on.

There was only one goudy in the bin.  It was a 33 A's player.  It was $6 and I didn't buy it.  I halfway thought about it but didn't because it was really only halfa card.  Someone had trimmed all but the players face off it with scissors.  So no Goudey in the bin but I did get some checklist stuff.

First of all I got two 1955 Bowman.  Now 55 Bowman is my least favorite Bowman set of all but I needed these two and they were only .75 each.

1963 Topps Team.  The 63 set is growing on me.  I didn't use to like it but I kind of do now.  One more off the checklist for .50.

1964 Topps Johnny Pesky.  I already had this card but bought a double on purpose.  One of these days I am going to get over feeling that TTMs are stalkerish and I am going to need something to send to Mr Pesky.

A wore out 64 Red Sox RC.  Pretty beat up but a quarter is only a quarter.

Another .50er.  It isn't much but a need is a need...

That is all I got out of the bin.  I spent a wopping $3.50.  I bought every single Red Sox in it unless I already had it except for a 52 Ted Lepcio.  Ted had about 14 creases and most of it's color gone.  I would have bought it if it was cheap enough but the guy wanted $6 for it. 

I know there is not much here.  I'm saving the rest of the stuff I bought from the guy for the next post.  I promise it is much MUCH more interesting.