Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cards from Cards on Cards

Ok, serious now, I got a great package from Cards on Cards. It is a good thing that he collects sets along with Cardinals. If he only collected Cardinals I would never have anything to send him for all the great stuff I get from him. Cardinals go fast here in Missouri. (But Royals never do. Heck, they never go anywhere except for to the bottom of the division)

Between the package from Cardboard Junkie and this one I ended up only one card short of the 04 Finest team set. I now only need Bill Mueller to complete it. Does anyone out there have it? He is card number #14.

I also received a whole bunch of these 04 Topps First Edition. I didn’t ever even know these existed until I got this package. One of which is a newly signed Tiger. Topps tried to help Damon out by covering up the ball that is only about 10 feet from his body but crashing down to earth. I hope the cutoff man is standing about 30 yards out in the grass.

I decided to chase all the Topps insert sets this year. Usually I don’t but this year they seem to be as plentiful as base cards. Kerry helped out by sending quite a few of them.

Thanks for the great cards. I have those cards from my legendary trade bait set aside for you until I find some other stuff to go with them.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ebay Trading

How do you trade on ebay? 

I know it isn't exactly trading but to me if you sell something and buy something else without ever cashing the money out of PayPal it is the same as trading. 

When the Colts went to the Super Bowl I listed some Manning Rookies.  With the money I got for this:

I bought this Original T205:
It is now my oldest Red Sox card by 20+ years.

How do you think I did?

I acutally list my cards under the same seller ID as a few friends of mine.  We put a seller code at the bottom of the listings to keep track of whos is whos.  All the auction listing are here.  Right now there is some pretty good stuff listed.  Right now one of the other guys has a Pujoles 4 patch 1/1 card listed right now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Computer Problems Fixed

I am without a computer for a little while. If anyone is trying to send me an e-mail it will be a little bit before I can respond.  I know I had 3 or 4 trade in the works so hopefully you guys don't abandon them.

I have a few posts in que so you will still be able to see posts for a few days...

Problem now fixed.  I guess I jumped the gun on that a little bit.

Two Packages - One Post

I have lots of packages to post because they all came in at the same time. So I’m going to double up and knock two out with one post.

The first one comes from Gordon (RedSoxCollector). I try to send him cards but have a hard time finding stuff for him. Hopefully you can find him something trade by checking out his want list.

I now own 3 Red Sox Legends of the Game thanks to Gordon. I read a report that Pappi is still crying that he doesn’t have Manny batting behind him anymore. To me he doesn’t warrant having a big hitter batting after him anymore. Hopefully he proves me wrong this year because we could really use the old Big Pappi.

Gordon also sent a handful of these Gold Winner cards. I had never seen on of them before. Gold ones yes but never a Gold Winner. I believe these were some kind of contest or mail in card.

Package #2 comes from the Wax Wombat. I don’t remember exactly what I sent him other than I did send him some oddball stuff. Yes he likes your not normal baseball card. Cards from cereal and hot dogs make his day. I think I even snuck a McDonald’s card in his package. In return I got:

I think this is the only card I have seen that shows Fenway like this. Usually if they show the outside of Fenway on a card they show the brick side.  This card alone makes me like this years Upper Deck.

Rumor has it the Lowell to the Rangers trade may be back on. I really liked Lowell as a player. I’m going to miss him but I understand it is time for him to go.

Another 08 Opening Day for the 2008 binder. I don’t know what is is about these that I really like. Maybe it is because they are just so bloody gaudy. In my opinion Topps should have done the base set in red like this and Opening Day in white.

Thanks for all the cards guys.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I like to see big envelopes in the mail

If you read my post yesterday you saw that I received a bunch of packages in the mail Saturday. One package was bigger than the rest so I'm posting it first. Cardboard Junkie sent me a great big envelope of cards. He knocked a few hundred cards off of my want list. If you look at the scan below you can see it was filled with a smorgasbord of stuff.

It also contained a Bip. I got 15 90 Donruss Lee Smith. There are only 9 in the scan because my 5 year old ran off with the other 6. I had set them to the side as I went through the rest of the cards. He grabbed the whole stack and took off. See he has got it figured out that when dad gets red cards in the mail dad always gives them away. He also get the ones with pok-a-dots (2008 Topps) and black ones (2007 Topps)

I didn’t even know he took them until he brought the one with the writing on it back to me. He didn’t want it because it was wrote on. That made me happy to hear. That means that he was listening all those times I told him to be careful with cards because you don’t want anything to happen to them because they have to stay perfect. I mad him give me the rest of the cards back just long enough for me to scan them but he held onto 6 of them. I don’t know if he was afraid I wasn’t going to give them back to him again or not.

Reports from spring training say that Wakefield isn’t looking very good. He isn’t fully recovered from his off season back surgery. However Wake is guaranteeing that he makes the starting rotation at eh beginning of the season. If he does that means either Dice-K or Buchholz doesn’t make the rotation.

A card for my often forgotten Marino collection. I have received more Marino cards in the last month than I had acquired in the last 5 years combined. My collection basically stops at 97.

A 1959 Fleer Ted Williams. Of the entire card in the package this is the only one that I knew was coming. It became my 3rd 59 Williams and oddly enough I got my 1st and 2nd only the day before. I wonder how a whole set dedicated to a specific player would go over now a days?

I forgot how good Diamond Kings looked. I miss them and Topps Gallery. Upper Deck filled the emptiness for two years with masterpiece but we were without a good art set last year. Hopefully Chicle will fill the hollow.

Finally two Hall of Famers and one legend. I have been picking up Sweet Spot Classic base cards and SP Legendary Cut base lately. I just love getting new cards of old players. How come nobody ever puts out those kinds of sets anymore?

Thanks Dayf. I’ll get you mystery card mailed out probably later this week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally Some Mailbox Love

Editors Note - This was written last Saturday but I moved it out a couple days in order to post my Card Show Loot.

My mailbox has been empty lately (except for bills, no problem getting them) and I couldn't understand it.  I've sent out a ton of packages lately.  Probably over 20 so far this month.  But all week I came home from work to an empty mailbox.  Finally I hit paydirt on Saturday.  Five packages.  Oh yea.

This card came for Chris Crook.  Chris runs 2 blogs, Cardboard Hopes and The Call of Cardboard.  If I understand it right Cardboard Hopes is his blog and The Call of Cardboard is cards for his young son.  **Please correct me if I am wrong Chris.

I also received packages from Dayf, Gordon (Red Sox Collector), The Wax Wombat, The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s, and Cards on Cards plus my I Am Joe Collector's February Box Break loot.  I'll do a post on each of them later but right now I am busy working on a post about the card show I just attended. 

Thanks to each of you for the cards.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Card Show #2 Post #2

Continued from yesterday...  If you haven;t read it yet go here first.

I had some goals in mind when I set out for the show this weekend.  In case you missed them here they are along with how I did meeting them.

· Try to finish off some team sets. - I didn't finish off even one team set.  I got withing one 1960 Topps, four 1961 Topps, four 71 Topps (Thanks to Rhubarb), and four 74 Topps (Again Thanks to Rhubarb).  Not to good considering this was priority number one.         Strike 1

· Buy a really old Red Sox card. Tobacco or an original Goudey while staying on budget.  Well I didn't get a tobacco card. I only found one Red Sox tobacco card at the whole show and the guy wanted $80. After I got home I found the exact same card on Ebay with a BIN of $26.  Like I said yesterday museum guy was a little high on his cards.  Friday I did however get a 36 Goudey and a 34 Batter-Up that I am going to count towards this goal.  I also got something almost as old Sunday.  But I'm saving the scans for the end.
· Buy a Preacher Roe I don’t already have.   I didn't even see a Preacher I didn't have yet.  I did however get a 54 Bowman for $2 Friday.         Walk

· Buy a Ted Williams. I actually got a few Ted Williams.  Friday I got two 59 Fleer and Sunday I got a third 59 Fleer.  I also got....  Getting ahead of myself again.                Triple

· Buy a vintage boxing card. I’m going to look for the 2 1938 Churchman I need but since I need Joe Louis and Jim Braddock they may well be out of my price rage.  I sould have bought a lottery ticket when I made this prediction.  Joe Louis was in the house but he was also $100.  I could buy the whole set for less than that on Ebay.  Museum guy had some 51 Ringside, a few Meccas, and even a few 48 Leaf.  he was real proud of them too.  So proud he he still has all of them.  I din't go home with a single boxing card.                        Takes first on dropped 3rd strike

· Buy some 15-card pages. They didn't have any at the show but Rhubarb Runner donated them to the cause.                      Single.

· Buy an older Yaz.  I really didn't see any Yaz cards all weekend except for an Embossed at museum guys booth for $25.  (Surely everyone has to be seeing a pattern here)            Strike 2

· Buy a 1962 Bill Virdon.  Got it.  Also got a '65 a '62 Post and a '62 kahn's Hot Dog card.         Triple

· An old White Sox card for my son.   My wife actually did the White Sox shopping for me.  She picked him out two '76 cards.                Single

Now for the money cards. 

1940 Playball Jimmie Foxx - A 60 year old card of a guy in the Hall of Fame.  I wasn't sure how good of a deal I got untill I got home and hit Ebay.  I got both Foxx and the next card together for less than any 1940 Foxx auction is at right now.

1940 Playball Lou Finney - I dont' know anything about Lou Finney.  In fact I never even heard of him.  After looking him up 1940 was the best of his career.  It was the only year he made the All Star team.

1952 Wheaties Ted Williams - I can't tell you how many of these I have watched on Ebay.  I always bid $25 and some change and always loose.  I didn't even have to give $20 for this one.  I'm going to be on the lookout for the in action version.
And Finally..

1947 Exhibit Ted Williams - You can't tell from the scan but this card is in emaculate condition.  Seriously I pulled cards out of packs last year in worse shaoe than this.  Funny untill Friday I had never even seen on of these and untill Dayf helped out Saturday I didnt' even know what set it was from and now I have two cards from the team set. 

Overall I wan't very impressed with the show in St Louis.  Yes there was some great stuff and I got some great stuff but it left me wanting.  I think alot of it had to do with the Springfield show I went to Friday.  It was much better with have the cards.  That or maybe it was because I was so rushed.  maybe I got there to late for any deals.  All in all I think I just got my hopes too high.  I invisioned a ton of cheap vintage bins and didn't find a single one.  Whatever it was I kind of doubt I go out of my way to drive all the way to St Louis to check out another show.  If I have another purpose to be there at eh same time I will go but 3 hours is a long way to go for cards.  I will however drive the 1.5 hours to go the the Springfield show again.  The next on is April 30th.  I don't know what my schedule is going to be then but I hope to find some way to go.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Card Show #2 Loot

Buckle up this is going to be a long one.

The day didn't start off on the best foot. I left the house late. Real late. I wish I could blame it on the kids or the wife but really it was all my fault. I overslept. That never happens to me. Throughout the week I don’t use an alarm clock and I have to be at work by 6 AM. It is not that I don’t set the thing I just automatically wake up before it goes off. Anyway my plan was to leave the house by 10 AM. At 10:30 my son woke me up asking when we were leaving. I wish I could say he was anxious to go to the show but in reality I promised him Chucky Cheese.

So after a shower, packing the car and getting the kids ready I left at a little after 11 only to turn around to get the MP3 player my son forgot. We then made a stop at McDonald’s for brunch. The new 50pc nugget meal is the best deal on the planet. (Best deal except for those $2 Goudey Friday night) “Are we there yet” started in Rolla. For those of you that don’t know MO that well it is about 100 miles out. I made St Louis in near record time. I have only made it to St Louis faster one time. Back then I was younger, dumber, and defiantly really really lucky.  Fast cards and youthful feelings of invincibility are not a good combination. At the time I considered the left hand shoulder a good place to pass if there happened to be oncoming traffic. Once again really really lucky. On this day I pulled into the show at about 2:50. The fact that I left at 11 wasted about 15 mins going back for the MP3 player and stopped for McDs drive-through and still made it at 2:50 says I was basically flying low.

During the dash to the show my lovely daughter spilled a large soda in the car. Did in land on her toys, no? It landed on MY CHECKLIST. So I go into the show with wet… sticky… checklist in hand, which is still better than the last show.

All the hurrying to get there put me into hyper drive. Not Good. My patience goes out the window and I get scatter brained. I also can’t get things done quickly enough. The fact that tables were already starting to clean up only made it worse. I ran from table to table pulling a kid machine-gunning questions at dealers. Where are your 60 high numbers? 61s? Have any Preacher Roes? ’62 Virdon? Affordable Williams cards? Any really old Red Sox? Next table please. I haphazardly ran from table to table throughout the show and was so all over the place I came up empty handed after my first pass through the place.

I was dragging my daughter along when Rhubarb called. I found him across the show and headed his way. I had done a Twins excorcism on my cards earlier in the week and trapped the evil things all in one box which I handed him upon introduction. In return he handed me a box of Red Sox and some much needed 15 card pages. I’ll get the box in a different post but I have to say what I gave him was in no way worthy of the stuff he gave me. I’m afraid to say that I don’t’ think I made a very good impression. I was in hyper mode, dragging kid, and trying to tell my wife not to buy the stack of cards that some dealer handed her across the aisle (he was trying to sell her 87 Topps Red Sox for a buck a piece) while I was talking to David. I was in such a hurry I had meant to take the camera along to document our meeting but forgot it. I’m afraid I probably came of kind of jerkish. David was a real nice guy and probably felt a little slighted. If so I’m sorry. Hopefully I can make it up to him in cardboard one day.

After our brief introduction I dashed off after some cards and made my first purchase. It was one of the cards on my priority list. Sweet playing day completion; or so I thought. More on that later.

**Scans look aweful.  I am playing with my scanner settings becaue I am tired of it taking 20 mins for a picture to upload, even when using high speed.  The scans look bad but it took less than 30 seconds to up load with dial-up.

Still making mad dashes from table to table. If I could turn back the clock I would have stayed at one table and looked through every single card before going to the next. But in my mind they were all closing and if I didn’t’ get through each table fast I would miss something. I’m sure I missed WAY WAY more by being in a hurry. The next cards I bought were form Sports Memories. The guy that Dayf posted about. His booth could almost be considered a sports card museum. He had some of every vintage set you ever heard of. He didn’t’ however have the last 1960 Topps card I needed #544 Bill Monbouquette. In fact I never found it anywhere. I did knock a bunch of 61s off of my list even though he didn’t have any deal boxes like Junkie talked about. In fact I had a totally different impression of the guy than him. I thought he was pretty high on just about everything and wouldn’t budge a single bit from anything he had priced. To me buying cards is a lot like buying a car. If they don’t come down from the initial asking price I feel like I am getting screwed. Even so I picked up some 61s I needed. I am now 4 cards short of the team set.

There was this one dealer that that was about as loud and over bearing as a dealer could be. Don’t get me wrong he was a nice guy, he even gave my son an 86 Clemens, but he would yell over to other booths and carry on. He had some pretty nice stuff. A few T206s a whole bunch of Goudey and Playball. He even had the Joe Louis 1938 Churchman card I need even though it was priced waaaaayyyyy to high. I did find one card in his case I needed though.

Next thing I bought was a bunch from a guy that was 90% of the way done packing his things. The only case he had left open was his oddball case. I picked up some pretty cool stuff from him.

I have no idea what year it is or what it is worth but I gave $2 for it because it would be my first stamp card. Please help me cardboard encyclopedia, what year stamp is this?   (I really need to get one of those Beckett Books that show all the vintage sets.  I never have shelled out the $30 for one though because I would always rather buy cards with the mone.)

I also picked up this ’54 Red Man Sammy White. It is my first Red Man card.  Not  sure how I am going to store this yet but cool none the less.  Anyone know if they fit better in 2 or 4 card pages?

1959 Ted Williams Fishing card. Because I love to fish this is one of the cards I wanted most out of the set. It is pretty crazy I have 4 of these ’59 Ted Williams cards today because just last week I had zero.  I tried to buy a whole stack of them but the guy wouldn't come down far enough for my taste.

This is a 1962 Kahn’s Hot Dog Bill Virdon. My kids love hot dogs; if cards still came with hot dogs I could put together sets in no time. Okay I guess I just need to go ahead and say it: I am now a Bill Virdon Super collector. I thought I had them all but found another one that I didn’t have. I’m going to start researching Bill Virdon cards and make a list because I’m sure there are more I need. One Ebay search shows Jello and Root Beer cards I need. Anyone know of a good place to find a list of every card for a particular player?

I’m going to end this post on that. Tomorrow I will show what I spent 90% of my money on and give my overall impression of the show. I’ll just say they are some splendidly foxxy cards being posted tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Impromptu Card Show Loot

I friend of mine was having a Birthday Friday so my wife and I went to Springfield with him and his wife for dinner. After dinner the wives decided they had to go the the mall. This is one time I was glad that my wife thought she needed more clothes. Why you say? Read the title, dummy. Yes I accidently happened into a card show.

The first booth I came to wasn’t very promising. It was full of LPs and entertainment autos. They also had some non-sports cards and the only thing that caught my eye was complete sets of Garbage Pail Kids. Series 2 was $30 and 3-5 were $20 each. Non-sports are not for me so I didn’t waste any time with the booth.

Booth 2 wasn’t much better. NASCAR cards, 8x10 autos, and a bunch of sports lithographs. He only had one little case of cards and it was full of… well, crap. I did notice something else though. He had 3 old boxing cards tucked in behind his little glass case. They didn’t look at all familiar to me so I asked him about them and he said they were a 30s German set. That was when I noticed that they had German on the back. One was a Schmelling vs. Sharkey card and the others were guys I never heard of I asked him how much and he said 15 a piece. He wouldn’t really work on the price either because best I could get out of him was 12 each if I took them all. I passed on it but I kind of wish I bought them now because they were gems. I mean I never saw a 30 something cards in the shape that these things were in. They would have graded high if someone tried it. I mean real high.

Next booth was way more promising. It was 5 tables of nothing but vintage and me without a checklist. The guy working the booth greeted me with, “Hi, I remember you, you’re from West Plains.” I remembered him too because of what he had the last time I was at a show. He had an Oddball Goudey Ted Williams. I say oddball because I don’t really know what it was exactly it was almost an 8x10 but it did say Goudey on it. I’m expecting someone to read this and tell me what it is. He had a $1,200 price tag on it. I watched him trade it to a guy for a Jackie Robinson RC. Okay back to this show. Now, I have to shop from memory which is never a good thing because even the cards I don’t own I have seen before in auctions or other collections. So I went with what I absolutely knew I needed, the last 2 1960 Topps for my team set, Red Sox Team and Bill Monbouquette. No luck. So I just stared flipping through boxes cussing because I couldn’t remember which ones I needed. I did come across this card and decided to buy it even though I already have it. For a buck I gotta show love for the hometown guy.

I gave up looking through regular cards and decided to look at oddball stuff since I could remember it better. I looked through a bunch of Topps Stamps, Embossed, and a bunch of Fleer Stickers with no Red Sox to be found. Post was void of Red Sox also but I did find this.

Yep, another Virdon. As far as I know this is his only oddball card so now all I need is a ‘62 to complete his playing day cards. I know I overpaid for it but like I said the guy knew I was from West Plains and I have to admit it is one of the best cut Post cards I have ever seen. I paid him thanked him and went to the next booth.

The next booth was also 5 tables back to back with the first one. About half of his boxes said 90% off Beckett. But as I looked through cards there were no prices. He was helping somebody else at the time and since I don’t’ know what Beckett prices are I went on to the next booth.

Booth 3 was actually really really impressive. The guy had probably 200 Ultimate patches. I spent a few minutes looking at them because they looked really nice. But when I go to a card show it is vintage or nothing. Not everybody thinks like me because he had more people looking at his booth than anyone else.

Booth 4 was coins, 5 was Jerseys and NASCAR, 6 was jersey cards. Not a few jersey cards tons and tons of jersey cards. He had at least 4 tables of monster boxes filled with nothing but jersey cards. Again nothing new for me so it was on to number 7.

At booth number 7 I experienced something new. The guy was asleep behind the booth. I wasn’t much interested and it was the last booth so I went back to the 90% off Beckett guy. Right off the bat I found two ’59 Ted Williams cards. When I asked how much he said it was on the back. $2.00 and $3.00

Learning this new little fact I looked over his stuff a little harder. Once again I started with 1960 Topps. He didn’t have it. But he yelled back over to the guy from the first booth. He said hey where is that box you bought earlier? The first booth guy said here under my table why? 90% guy said I think I remember seeing the 60 Topps red Sox card in it. He did alright and $5 later it was mine.

Once again I was without my list so I asked for oddball. He pointed me to a basket on the end of his table.


I could have found this one basket alone and been happy with the show. Here is what I found:

1954 Bowman Preacher Roe - Cost $2.00. Sriously I’ll buy creased ’54 Bowman Preacher Rows for $2 all day long.

1940 Something Johnny Pesky Some kind of card. - I don’t know what it is and the guy I bough it from didn’t either. But for $1.00 I wasn’t passing it up. Again I expect some reader to know what this is. I’m sure someone like Dayf that is an encyclopedia of baseball knowledge will know what it is. I scanned it alongside the Roe to show how big it is because the 54 Bowman is oversized itself.

1936 Goudey Bill Werber- He had 3 old Goudey cards and one of them happened to be a red Sox. It is pretty banged up but it is also 74 years old. Better yet it was $2. I’m kicking myself for not buying the other 2 Goudey non Red Sox cards for $2 each. For whatever reason it didn’t even occur to me until I was driving home that I should have bough them.

1934-36 Rick Ferrell Batter Up – I have never seen one of these before and I knew I had to have it. It isn’t even really a card it is printed on really thin stock. It is more like paper than cardstock. You can’t tell from the scan but it is little. It is exactly the same height as the ’36 Goudey. For anyone that doesn’t have any old Goudey think 07 Goudey height. $10 later it was mine.

So how did I do for $31 bucks? I’m crazy happy with it. Best impromptu mall trip ever.  The guy at the last booth also threw in an extra card for free when I asked him how much it was. I’m not showing it because I am going to mail it out and I don’t want someone to see it before the package is opened. I’m still going to the vintage show Sunday and plan on picking up a bunch more vintage stuff*.  That is why the IRS gives us an income tax return isn’t it.

*This time with checklist in hand.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going to a Vintage Card Show This Weekend

It is not very often that I get to go to a card show. The closest one gets to me is 2 hours away in Springfield. Not long ago I saw a post about a vintage show that Cardboard Junkie went to. He had a link to the guys website and when I clicked on it I saw that we was coming to Missouri. Only problem is that it is close to St Louis, which is over 3 hours from me. When I first saw it I mulled over going to it but didn’t really think I would since it was so far away. But then my wife decided to remodel the guest bathroom. That means I have to go to Home Depot, which is at least 2 hours away. That means that the card show is actually only an hour out of the way now. I will drive an hour out of the way for cards. So the trip is booked only thing to do now is prepare and wait. My checklists are all ready to go and I have made a priority list of things I want to get while I am there.
· Try to finish off some team sets.
     o 1960 Topps – Only need 2 cards.
     o 1953 Bowman – Only need 3.
     o 1956 Topps – I only need 6 cards
     o 1961 Topps – I need 8 more. (One is Yaz though)
     o 1969 Topps – only need 3 cards.
     o 1971 Topps - only need 4 more.

· Buy a really old Red Sox card. Right now my oldest Red Sox is a 50 Bowman. I’m aiming for a tobacco or an original Goudey while staying on budget.

· Buy a Preacher Roe I don’t already have. I still need a Rookie card and there is a bunch of oddball stuff, like Dixie Lids for example, that I don’t have yet.

· Buy a Ted Williams. Unless he has one in really bad condition I can’t afford a regular issue one and still be able get all of the other stuff I want. So, I will probably have to settle for one out of the Fleer Williams set.

· Buy a vintage boxing card. I’m going to look for the 2 1938 Churchman I need but since I need Joe Louis and Jim Braddock they may well be out of my price rage. I will probably go with 48 Leaf unless something else jumps out at me.

· Buy some 15-card pages. If the guy doesn’t have them at the show I am going to find a card shop somewhere in St Louis that does.

· Buy an older Yaz. I need the 1961 for the team set I have listed above but may not have enough for it and still get all this other stuff. I’ll probably end up with an Embossed or something like that.

· Buy a 1962 Bill Virdon. It should be cheap and it is the only regular issue (from his playing days) card of him I don’t have. (I actually only have a few of his managers cards, one day I’m going to pick up a bunch of them too) I may also pick up some oddball stuff of him if there is any to be found. Why Bill Virdon you ask?

· An old White Sox card for my son. The apple fell far from the tree. (At least is wasn’t’ so far that he is a Yankee fan)

I also plan on meeting another blogger while I am there. I already have an 800-count box of Twins ready for him. The money I save on shipping will make up for the extra hour I am driving out of my way to go to the show. (Not exactly, but it was one more excuse to use when convincing my wife that I needed to go) I’m pretty excited about going. Hopefully I have enough cash to get all the stuff I have listed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Trade Bait... Legends Style

Starting out with Ryans.
I have never seen a hologram scan so well.
Some Braves

Cards of Cards
Misc HOFers
Pirates a Cub and a Tiger
Sorry but Brooks isn't available anymore.
Not legends just stuff thrown in for the heck of it.
is anyone trying to get all the 4-in-1 cards?  The Bowman's bets is some kind of parallel.  It's not a refractor, I don't actually know what it is.  It is actually kind of cooler than a refractor though.