Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Mother of all Parallels

I'm running down my favorite insert and parallel sets and what parallel has been more popular than the Refractor?

Topps really had a winner with this one. They can make a boring uninspiring card something any collector would be proud to add to his/her collection.

Originally I think Topps just put then in Finest

(Mike isn't really this badly offcenter it is just the scan)

but it was such a hit they were soon inserted in everything from Stadium Club to Chrome.

Soon they expanded to Atomic Refractors

and Game Used Refractors.

But the best Refractors of all were always in Bowmans Best. Hence the name (probably not for real but it sounded good anyway)

Bowmans Best Refractors just always seemed to have more colors and more shine to them. Sadly Topps has overdone the Refractor and it is not quite the card it once was. Too many out there and too many variations. I think they out to dump chrome and just make the inserts in regular Topps Chrome Refractors.

The other problem with Refractors is that they don't scan right. You defiantly can't appreciate a scan of a refractor like the real thing.

Doe's anybody want this J-Bay rookie Refractor, Mike Alstott rookie Refractor, or the Vin Baker Atomic Refractor? E-mail or leave a comment if you would like to trade.

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