Saturday, September 26, 2015

I saw this on my way home from work last night

Another collector obviously. It makes me wonder how many others I pass on the road in a day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Are You A Cardboard Hoarder?

I bet many of you are like me and you hoard every little baseball card item there is.  I have a big stack of those hologram stickers from the junk wax era.  I don't even remember what brand used to put them in packs but I sure have a bunch of them.  Am I ever going to do anything with them?  Probably not.   Is someone ever going to ask me if I have a A's hologram sticker?  Again Probably not.  I probably won't ever even stick them but I still have them.

Hopefully you are that same way and have some useless baseball card stuff laying around because I just found a Virdon something that many of you may have hoarded away.  Remember Sportflix Trivia Cards?  You know those little Trivia Cards that came in the packs that most people discard(ed)?  Turns out #10 from 1986 Sportflix has a Bill Virdon back. The problem is I don't have it in my hoard.

Every now and then I find an oddball Virdon item out of the blue like this.  Things like View Master Reels and Trivia Pursuit cards are not on most collectors radar so they don't end up on any player checklist anywhere.  They are bitter sweet things to find.

Hopefully someone out there and has a big stack of Sportflix Trivia cards taking up space in a box somewhere that can PWE one to me.  (I guess I need to be just as hopeful someone out there is still reading after no posts for almost 2 years)

I don't know if posting will be a regular thing.  More regular that the last two years I would guess but I doubt I go back to a post every day.