Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Zippers Who Knew???

It's been awhile, again.  Summer is busy for me.  This year it was busier than ever.  I took my wife and kids to Europe for vacation and some Women's Word Cup matches.  4 years ago we went to see the WWC in Canada, who knows maybe it going to be a tradition. Anyway we were gone for three weeks.  Then my wife and I went on a "real" vacation to make up for the three week "vacation" we took with the kids.  Our "real" vacation turned out to be horrible because we both were horrible sick the whole time.  Anyway even through our vacations I kept up my daily search of eBay and I have a slew of things to post about now.

I bought this while I was in Scotland.  Not in Scotland just on eBay while in Scotland.  (side note Scotland was the best part of the whole European trip and the whole family thought so not just me) 

I have never seen this exact photo before but I have a bunch that are a whole lot like it. 

You can tell that all these postcards were from the exact same photo shoot.  It has the same light standard off to the left and the same zippered uniform on.  Yep a zipper.  I had no idea that jerseys used to have zippers instead of buttons, none.  On top if that I have had these postcards for a long time and never noticed the zipper.