Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seriously, Nobody Wants These Vintage Cards??

I can't believe I haven't had any offers on these great vintage cards.   I know they are not in great shape but all I'm asking in return is either another vintage Red Sox card or a few newer ones.

All you need to do is leave a comment. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Vintage Trade Bait

I got the rest of the Exhibition cards I talked about in a former post.  All these are up for trade.  My want list is here.

Unlike the last group these are all 1947-66 Exhibits.  

First one is Harry Lowrey.  Yes I know I spelled the name different than the card shows.  That is because this is an error card.  There is another corrected version out there but the Standard Catalog says that neither are rarer than the other.  Harry was know as Peanuts Lowrey.  He got his nickname from an uncle because he was so small as a kid.  But what is really cool about Peanuts Lowery is that he was one of the kids in Our Gang.   After I read that I almost decided to keep the card.

 Next is Al Evans. I don't know much about him other than he played eleven years for Washington and also played twelve games with Boston.

 Gil McDougald was a five time All Star with the yankees.  He also was the 1951 AL Rookie of the Year.  51 was also the year he hit seven RBI in the World Series. 

Orestes Minoso is better known as Minnie Monoso but he actually had many nicknames: "The Cuban Comet", "Mr. White Sox", and while playing in Mexico was "El Charro Negro" — "The Black Cowboy".  Incredibly his first MLB appearance was in 1949 and his final appearance was in 1980!!  He is one of only 2 MLB players to play in 5 different decades.  Ontop of that he played independent ball in 1993 and 2003 making him the only player to appear in professional baseball games in 7 different decades.  He was a 9 time All Star and won 3 Gold Gloves.   The White Sox retired his jersey #9.

I also still have one card left over from my last trade bait post.  Nobody wanted Chico Carrasquel.

So if anyone wants some of these make an offer in the comments.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't forget to place your card bids on my Vintage Trade Bait

Details can be found here.

Way overdue post about Cards From Mr Scott

I found this post that I never Published for some reason.  It was dated 3/15/09.  Mr Scott hasn't posted since last May but here is what he sent me.

For Cards Sake actually sent me these cards.

These came from before the ceasefire.  He attached the notes you see to team bags in the package.  I got Bipped by Mr Scott and someone else with this same card so if you need a Jon Lester Rookie Insert card I have plenty to trade.

Red Curtain and also red back...

From a yankee fans perspective maybe but I never saw it that way.  Needed the Fleer parallels anyway...
I never capitalize yankee

This is where the package got interesting.

I wasn't expecting it so it was a nice surprise.  If you are still lurking out there Mr Scott I'm sorry this took so long but thanks for the cards.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Trade Bait

My favorite ebay seller had a lot of Exhibit cards that I couldn't resist.  I kept the Red Sox but I have no use for the following cards. 

They have tape marks on them but they are still 50+ years old.  Please make an offer in cards.  (or cash works)  If you want a card and someone already made an offer try to one up it with something better.  Think of this as an auction where you pay in cards.  Make an offer like: 1 vintage Red Sox from your want list, or 10 modern Red Soxs from your want list.  

My want list can be found on the sidebar or right here

Also since I am having a hard time finding Virdon cards I do not have yet, so a Virdon from this list will automatically get you all 3. (except for the 84 Swell card.  I know I can get it for a quarter off of Beckett Marketplace, I just haven't yet)

I'll keep this open till Sunday.

1948 Baseball's Great Hall Of Fame Exhibit
 Good thing I got that Standard Catalog for Christmas.  Since it says Baseball's Great Hall of Fame Exhibit I probably would have got it right but I would have had no idea that this Eddie Plank was printed back in 1948.

1947-66 Exhibits
A normal old Exhibit card, no quirky prefix for Chico Carrasquel's Exhibit.

1939-46 Salutation Exhibit
Again good thing I got that Standard Catalog for Christmas or I would have just said Exhibit card.  Instead I know that this is a Salutations Exhibit rather than a normal Exhibit.  Dayf already sent me some vintagy good stuff a little while back and I had no vintage to repay him.   I had to send him new stuff instead.  So Dayf already has an offer of 3 vintage cards on this one. 

That is all for now but I have a few more that are supposed to be coming so you can expect another of these Vintage Trade Bait posts soon. 

Who want these cards?? Probably a Braves collector.

This is Claim Your Cards post #3.  Hopefully I actually get a response this time.

There are quite a few more cards in this package than either of the last two.  I had these rounded up for a Braves collector.  I just don't know which one.  I know it wasn't Dayf or McCann because I already shipped them some Braves lately. If you are a Braves collector these could be yours.
 There are a few cool looking cards in here.  Not much as far as inserts but a couple are here.  It is had to see in the picture but the card on the bottom right is a hologram card.  A few Chippers here, an Aaron and a baby card.  (I don't even remember where I got that little baby card at)  I didn't say mini because it is so much smaller than a mini card.  

The person I rounded these up for was also putting together a 2010 Topps Insert sets.  Here are the ones I had for him/her 

Topps inserts are not all that is on the mystery person's wantlist.  Evidently they were piecing together a 2010 A&G set along with 2008 Timeline, and 2009 Goodwin.

If you need these cards claim them today.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Claim Your Cards #2

Again a stack of cards pulled for some mystery person.  Please claim them.

Someone was working on a 09 Goudey set and a 08 Masterpiece set.  I was trying to help but the cards never found their new home.  If you need these please let me know.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Feature: Claim you cards

Claim your cards is a trade bait post but it isn't a normal trade bait post.  See I have these stacks of cards that I have pulled for people over the last few months but I don't know who I pulled them for.  More than likely I went through someones wantlist and then forgot who they went to before I contacted them.  That or I never heard from them after contacting them.  So here is the first one.  If you think this is your stack of cards just leave a comment and it will be.

So fisrt up is a stack that I know has sat around since before Thanksgiving sometime.  Looks like someone had a 08 Masterpiece and a 08 Timeline wantlist.  The other cards should really show who these were supposed to be for.  Evidently they were a Andre Dawson and a Alex Gordon collector.  There can't be too many Gordon collectors out there.  There is also a 87 Donruss Darren Dalton in the stack.  I seem to remember someone collecting Darren Dalton.  If it is you please let me know...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ever get Cards And Forget Who They Are From??

Have you ever received cards and forgot who they were from, well I did?  I have a system.  Usually works really good.  I get cards in the mail and mark them off my checklist.  Them I place them back in their envelope and place it on a shelf until I get around to scanning them.  Somehow these made it to the shelf without the envelope.  I'm not positive what happened but I figure I either needed an envelope and swiped it or I needed the return address to send off cards and forgot to replace it when I was done.  Either way I'm lost as to who sent these. 

These are no ordinary Finest these are of the refractor variety.  Somehow I have almost as many refractors from Finest this year as I have base cards.  For me Finest is one of the harder base sets to complete and the refractors are a pipe dream. 

This was a much appreciated card from the package.  **Evans was the last 82 Donruss I needed to complete the team set. 

Whoever you are thanks for the cards.  Hopefully I only forgot your name and I didn't forget to send you something in return.

**I got a 2nd copy of this a few days later in a huge box of Red Sox.  When it rains it pours.  I won't be posting the stuff I got in that big box because I admit I filed it away before scanning it.  I really should have scanned it because it was filled with oddball 80s cards and 70s O-Pee-Chee.  I also never got around to a return package for it either because I promised a bunch of vintage Sox cards for them but I am waiting on someone else to claim a few of them first. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cards From Jason C, New Freedom PA

I got some good stuff from Jason in New Freedom PA.  I don' think he has a blog and if he does I'm sorry I forgot it.  When i saw his address I thought it was pretty cool because I have family that lives in Freedom PA.  Then I figured out that they were two different places and not even remotely located by each other.  Even though he doesn't live by my cousin(s) he sent some good cards.

First off here is a whole slew of Big Mo Vaughn cards.  All mo Vaughn cards come from back when they put lots of thought in the design of cards.  Just about everything from back then looked good.  (ok minus that Bazooka card, but it has an excuse it was for kids)  The top Middle card is actually a Pinnacle Foil card.  Pinnacle had a few different parallels to their sets and I'm not positive but I think that foil was the easiest one to get.  Top Right is a Topps gallery card.  Topps should really bring Gallery back and use UDs Masterpieces for the model.  That may get me to buy some packs instead of just singles like this year.  The middle row is a good looking Bowman's Best, Flair Showcase and a Bowman card from before they all looked the same.  Select Certified was one of my favorite sets that I spent way to much money on in 96 (football version).  I don't really know anything about the Affectionado card other than it is Mo.  Hey, who doesn't like getting Mo cards...

I also got some Parallels from Jason.  First are these two Black Bordered O-Pee-Chee cards.  The bordered O-Pee-Chee have been kind of hard to track down.  I really like them though.  There is a fairly large checklist and it reminds me of cards from my youth.  If I was going to build one set from the last 2 years O-Pee-Chee would be it.  (regular version that is).  As it stand though I'm only collecting the Red Sox and the regular #34 Takashi Saito is on my Top 10 list as the last regular one I need.  I need lots of black bordered ones.

You can't really tell from the scans but these are both refractors.  I'm not sure what I am going to do about this years Chrome refractors.  Not sure if I am going to chase down each color, mix-n-match colors, or not chase any of them.

Another Topps Gallery card this one of the best pitcher of his generation Pedro.  Dang good looking card.  I'm always glad to add a new Pedro card to the collection.  I used to think that nobody wanted to trade off their Clemens and Nomars but I'm starting to think that Pedro is actually harder to come by.  But I can't blame anyone for not trading him off either.  

Thanks for the cards Jason!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does anyone want to take over a blog???

No not his one.  Thoughts and Sox may not be very interesting to all but I'm keeping it.  I'm talking about my other blog I started and gave up on.  Cardboard APB

It was originally for multiple bloggers to chase cards they were needing but it never took off.  Even I quit using it.  I love the name.  The name itself will probably pull in lots more page views than this blog will but I started here and am going to finish here.  So if anyone wants to take it over and make it whatever they want it is available.

BTW:  I still need that 2007 Heritage Red Sox Team Card...

Rhubarb Cards

The only blogger that I have meet in person (so far) is a guy that goes by Rhubarb Runner.  We meet at a card show in St Louis and he loaded me up with a bunch of vintage Red Sox.  He continuously finds me stuff that I need and sends them to me.  I owe him dearly. 

First off from this shipment is a bunch of Documentary Red Sox.  It seems that he has a thing for this set and found a bunch of Red Sox I needed.  It is hard to tell from the scan but the two at the bottom are Gold parallels.  I didn't even know the set had a gold parallel until he mentioned it.  I don't really plan on tracking all the gold Red Sox down.  I'm having enough problems with the 162 regular ones.  This put a good sized dent in the want list though.

2009 Topps Gold  These are the Update and Highlights variety.  The last package I got from him was also loaded with gold cards.  He must be a luckier pack ripper than me cause of the few packs I open they never have gold cards in them.

At first I told him i had this card because it was not on my checklist.  It bugged me though cause I didn't remember it.  Once I went to the actual cards I figured out that when I got Pedro I accidentally marked Nomar off the list instead.  That is okay now because now they are both off the list.  This card is crazy think.  Think one of those dummy cards that companies throw in times two.  I had to stretch a vintage penny sleeve to fit it in there.  I'm not quite sure what is so classic about the portrait though.  Looks like a BP picture to me.  With the crazy thick cards these would have looked awesome if they had been painted versions of pictures like Masterpieces, Diamond Kings, or Gallery.

Thanks again Rhubarb.  I'm still looking for that 61 Twins Team card for you...

One Wicked Contest

Wicked Ortega of My Past Time.... I Love It is having a contest.  It is easy to enter all you have to do is pick where he stopped on his way to New York. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Win The Lottery!!!!

Community Gum is having a Lottery pick contest.  All you have to do is pick a player out of the 08 M&M set and guess the serial number and achivemnet number.  Easy as winning the lottery only it won't cost you a dollar to enter.

My Favorite Christmas Present This Year

My wife's family all got together to do presents and I almost dropped one on the floor when it was handed to me cause I thought it was going to be a lite clothing box.  My Brother-in-Law asked what the heck is that thing that is so heavy?   I told him it is some kind of book but he out to know cause it's from him and his wife.  He said "oh, the wife picked it out it's probably a bible."  Turns out he was right.  The bible of baseball cards.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Round-Up

First off I have to congradulate Beardy as the 2010 Card Bloggers Unite Champion.  Earlier in the year he predicted a ThoughtsandSox vs Beardy Finally but I dropped the ball in the first round and ended up 4th.  I will be sending him his prize of the craptastic autos I promised along with something that he might actually want.  I know a few others said that they would give the winner some stuff too so please ask Beardy for his address.  (or I'll give it out if it is okay with him)

Here is how the teams finished up.

This was the league that I was comish of.  I also participated in two others. 

I finished a horrible 6th place in the Last Man Standing X League comished by Captain Canuck of Waxaholic.  I knew right out of the draft that I missed it was going to be a bad year.  This was a league with 2 quarterback spots and an anything spot, so basicly 3 quarterback spots, and the only quarterback that Yahoo picked for me was Rothlesberger, who didn't even start the first half of the season.  I had fun picking grabbing the backup quarterback every week that might get a start.  Lesson learned though, DON"T MISS THE DRAFT or you will get beat by a girl!!!!

Lastly (actually should be Firstly!!) I was in the Card Collectors Of The Gridiron League comished by BA Benny.  After a two week battle with the Daily Dimwit I took home Fantasy Gold.

Mailday from Section 36

Section 36 is one of the Red Sox collectors that I send some of my doubles to.  He recently sent me some cards for my troubles.  (okay so before Christmas isn't actually that recently but it is recently enough in trade post days)

First up is a couple 09 Goudey cards.  The first is one of those 4-In-1 cards that are painful to track down. This is one of my favorite ones though because all four players are (or were) Red Sox.  I don't like the ones that have 4 random guys from four different teams on them.   The second card is a 09 Goudey Carlton Fisk Mini.  When Goudey came out in 08 I got a mini card right off the bat and decided I wanted to chase them all down.  At the time I wasn't aware how scarce they were so I have had a hard time tracking them all down.  This is one of the high numbered cards that are short printed in the regular size cards.  I do not know if they are also short printed in the mini version as well.  Either way it is a great addition to the collection.

More Upper Deck inserts.  This time 09 StarQuest variety.  Variety indead.  Upper Deck released these things in multiple colors.  Each color is rated from common to Ultra Rare with about 5 stops in between.  This is much better than 08 when there were randomly put in a variety of products with seemingly no rhyme or reason.  I still don't even have a 08 StarQuest checklist cause I can't figure them out.  I really like these things.  They almost remind me of an old Pinnacle Insert Museum Collection only not as shiny.  Those old Museum cards are some of my favorite inserts ever.  Actually I wrote a post on it some time ago.   These 4 StarQust cards has me close enough to getting them all that I can now put them in the 09 binder rather than living in a box.  There are 8 red Sox in the StarQust team set.  It would have been nice if it would have been 9 so that each color filled up a sheet.  Now I have to decide how to page them.  A sheet for each color that only has 8 cards in it or do I put every variety of a card next to each other?  I'm leaning twords the color per sheet because the other way would lead to some guys being half on one sheet and half on another.  But than again it would look kind of cool to have all the parallels together.

He also sent a bunch of other stuff but this is all I scanned.  Thanks for the all the great Sox.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vintage MCG Card for trade

Since I don't buy new product I haven't get any MCG codes.  But I get a few packs of cards for Christmas that contained some code cards.  One of the 3 was a vintage card.

It is a 1956 #129 Jake Martin.  I would love to turn it into a Red Sox I don't have yet.  Please send me an e-mail if you would like to trade for this.  I've made a ton of offers already but nothing yet.