Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh the things you can find in the car!

My wife had me go out to her car to get something for her and what did I find there?? A package from Chris at Nachos Grande. Evidently this came last week sometime and she had forgot to bring it in or tell me. I stumbled across his site a little while ago and once I found out that he was a Steeler and Penn State fan like me I just had to work out a trade with him. Not only that but since he is a Reds fan if you put the word Sox at the end of his team you have my favorite team. (that is Red Sox for any slow readers out there) I sent him some 08 Goudey from his want list along with a little stack of reds to go along with it. I was amazed at what I got back. Chris went after my want list with reckless abandon. Chris knocked an amazing amount cards off my modern want list with his one box. Here are some highlights:
08 Heritage Team Card. Sweet Card!! This has to be one of the best team pictures on a card that I have ever seen. Plus I didn't have it yet.

The last Red Sox 08 A&G State Flag card that I needed. This wasn't a bad set. maybe Topps will follow up with country flags next year so Ortiz (Dominican Republic) Jason Bay (Canada) and Lowell (Puerto Rico) can be part of the set. Heck maybe tehy can even do a Ellsbury Navajo flag. Do American Indian Tribes have flags? I would like to see the card if they did.

A whole bunch of 08 UD Heroes cards and some 08 A&G. Only need 6 more cards from each of these team sets.
Chris also sent a bunch of 07 Topps Heritage Red Sox cards. I'm right on the brink of having to chase these now too. I am going to have to find a checklist for them. I really neeed to buckle down and finish some sets so I'm not chasing so many things at once.

Thank you for the trade Chris. You really helped me out with all of the cards you sent.

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