Sunday, March 21, 2010

I need some 2001 set help

Did you stop collecting for a time and now wish that you had been collecting when a certain product came out?  When I first heard that there was a Red Sox only set put out by Fleer in 2001 I wished that I was collecting then.  I mentioned that a few weeks ago and like magic I had a trade offer.  Section 36 offered up almost every single on of them for some other Red Sox. 

This set is so awesome.  Just look at page #1 Yaz and Wiliams
Page 2 is loaded with HOFers also. 
Page 3 brings the greats also.  Can page 4 keep the streak alive?
Yep still going strong.

Dam the train just fell off the track.  Yes there are HOFers on there, 3 to be exact, but I am missing a card.

Ahhh another one missing!!

Back on track with the complete page.

To lazy to look it up but is Zimmer in the hall?  He is a baseball lifer an if he is not there the veterans will put him in eventually.  Alright here is the rest of the set no more comments till later.

Here starts the inserts.   I almost have a compete set of them too.

Well not a complete set of all of them.  This is the only Splended Splinter inster card I have.

Now here is where I need your help.  I am short 2 base cards out of 100 and 11 inserts out of 20. 

2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary

38 Johnny Pesky
53 Dick Radatz

2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary Yankey's Heroes

Please oh please if someone has these e-mail me.  I would love to knock this thing out. 

Thank You so much Section 36.  I would still be at 4 cards if it were not for you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sign or not to sign

Rumor is the Sox are working on resigning Beckett. They are not only working on it they are supposed to be close to terms.  That means a bunch of years with 1 2 3 of Lester Beckett and Lackey.  I can handle that.

The regular and mini Beckett came via Matt of Heartbreaking Cards.

Thanks Matt

Friday, March 19, 2010

Play at the Plate sends cards

One big ass card from Play at the Plate one little post from me.


I put it next to the Vaughn to show how big it is and because that is my favorite Stidio set they ever made.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A week late but my take on Nomar retiring a Red Sox

I have read a ton of article on Nomar's retirement. There are quite a few schools of thought on it.

Some people are happy because he was the face of the franchise for a decade. They are happy to see him come home gracefully and hope to see the number 5 in right field some day. Then there are the guys that hate that he retired as a Red Sox. These are the people that remember only when Nomar left the team and blame him for all those missed rings. These guys like to mention Jeter diving into the stands while Nomar sat on the bench. The last group of people thinks his one day contract was an act put on by ESPN to help announce his new job.

Now which way do you think I remember Nomar, the franchise face or the guy pouting in the dugout?

Drum roll please…


I always saw Nomar as a really good player, nothing more. Emphasis on good but not great. Yeah I know he won two batting titles but that doesn’t make him great in my book. Heck, Mueller won one also this decade and he wasn’t a great player. I also don’t remember him as the quitter in the dugout. Throughout the season every player takes some days off and it isn’t his fault Jeter made a great play that day. I remember him for something else altogether.

I remember him as the famous husband of Mia Hamm.  Shocked? I know some may be. If you ask who the better athlete was it was defiantly Mia. Is that baseball blasphemy? Maybe but I was a soccer player as a kid not a baseball player. I was always a little kid and almost blind on top of that. I was just physically better equipped to play soccer.

Oh yeah and then there is the fact for most of Nomar’s Boston career I was a single and in my 20s. Whose poster do you think was on my wall Nomar or Mia?

By the way, the first two cards came via trade from Rickey Henderson Collectables.  The other three came from Gordon the Red Sox Collector.  I would write up full trade posts but I am sick of witing them ad I'm sure you all are equally sick of reading them.  That being said I have about 6 of them in que because I have done a ton of trading lately and I really think I need to highlight trades.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Card Bloggers Unite Fantasy League Draft Order thnks to Dinged Corners

This took way longer then I would have liked but we'll make it work.  To set the draft order of the league I asked everyone to give their birthday.  Since it wouldn't be fair to jst start with January I secretly sent Dingd Corners a request.  The request was "please pick a number between 1 and 365."  They sent back a very puzzled 57. The 57 transcribes to Feb 26.  So the draft order will be:


Balk Four
Cobb Halladay
Play The Plate
Cardboard Junkie
Paper Chase

For those participating watch the messenger on the league for rules.  Not tonight probably tomorrow.
And thanks to Patricia.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Best Package of the Year - GCRL

I've sent off a ton of packages lately and sometimes after I pay the USPS bill I think is it really worth it?  I start to think that maybe it would be cheaper to just buy singles rather than make all of these long distance trades.  Well, packages like this one I received from GCRL remind me how great trading is.  I came home to a box of cards.  I don't mean a card box I mean an actual cardboard box of cards.  Here is some of the stuff I got.

First off, I need some help for you guys.  I don't know what set these first two cards are from.  Some TCMA set??  They are oversized and the backs make some kind of picture if you get them all.

A bunch of Canadian cards.  Those dang Canadians sure are stingy with their cards.  I have so few O-Pee-Chee it is pitiful.  Basicly if you want to send me something that I don't already have send some O-Pee-Chee.

I had one or two 1987 Fleer Mini cards before this but I never even realized that there were mini '87 Fleer stickers.

I always like getting a regular and a parallel card together in a trade.

These 2008 Opening Day cards are one of my guilty pleasures.  I love the guady red of this set.

A late 90s crazy shiney Crash the Game insert of Mo Vaughn.  Hey Topps and Upper Deck where are these kinds of inserts now???

You can't tell from the scan but this card is actually transparent.  Yep totally see through.  Again how come I don't get cool stuff like this in my 2010 packs?

It would be hard to have the best package of the year without having sme vintage in it.  Was Zimmer ever nicknamed the Rhino or do I just think of him that way??

Lastly a killer die cut card.  Again, where, where, where...

Thanks for all the awesome cards.  There were well over 150 cards in the box you sent that I didn't already have.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cards from Chris

Another awesome mailday.  I love coming home to boxes in the mail.  The latest came from reader Chris.  If you  want to work out a trade go check out his want list.

199 UD3 Mo Vaughn:  They have made lots of cards that were supposed to be 3D but this is honestly the best one I have ever seen. Heck it is so well done that it even looks 3D in a scan.

2007 Bowman Heritage Mike Lowell:  This was the verybest year of Bowman Heritage.  The drawings are just plain awesome.  The only other drawn cards ever made that can even compete with the artwork in these things is Msterpiece.

2007 Bowman Heritage David Ortiz:  See what I mean, awesome artwork.  These two cards gave me enough to put them in a binder.  I still need a few but I have about half of them now.

2007 SP Authentic Manny Ramirez:  Team Set completion.  Once again a trade knocks off a team set for me. 

Thanks for the cards Chris.  What an awesome mailday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team Set Completion by Wickedliquid

Wicked set me these four cards amongst other things and they just happeed to finish off my 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History team set.

Thanks Wicked.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper Chase

I have a standing agreement with Cobb & Halladay that I will give him all of my Jays cards.  But it just so happened that I mailed out a package of Jays to C&H when I received a Red Sox for Jays trade offer from The Paper Chase.  I decided that I wouldn't be breaking my agreement by making the trade because every single things I sent to the Paper Chase was a double of a card I sent to C&H.  Good thing for ratinalization because look at the good stuffI got.

2008 Xponential2 David Ortiz:  This set sucked but the inserts are awesome.  They rmind mo of something I would have got back before I quit collecting in 97.
Dam Rickey look old on this card.  Oh wait, by the time he made it to Boston he was old.

I hate that the cooler a card is the worse my scanner does.   This thing is really freaking cool looking.  It kind of looks like an atomis refractor.

I really like Goudey mini cards and they don't come in the mail every day.  (but they did come 2 days in a row this time; see yesterdays post) 

Not quite sure how, but this card has me down to only needing 5 more Goodwin minis.  That seems odd to me because since they came in one at a time it just doesn't seem like I should have as many as I do. 

Thanks for hooking me up with all the cards Roy

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Set Completion via Play at the Plate

This was the last T206 regular sized card I needed for my team set. It came courtesy of Play at the Plate. I actually thought I needed Smoltz also because I never marked him off my checklist but when I put Ruth in the binder I realized that I already had John.

This isn’t the only card I got by far. I actually got a whole bunch of cards, way more than I am going to post. I got stuff like these 2008 Documentary. I have a mini obsession for these cards. A set that had 162 different Red Sox cards excites me. Ok, I know they are only sort of different but I like them anyway. I have about 40% of these now and I didn’t buy a single pack of the stuff. Isn’t blog trading great?


This Pedro is Fleer’s version of a silk card. It is really cool, especially since I don’t have anything like it yet.

I actually got a whole bunch of Pedro inserts in this mailer. That’s cool too because Pedro is one of my favorite Red Sox of all time.

I also received a Goodwin Black Bordered card of Josh Beckett. I think this is my 3rd Black Bordered Goodwin. Anymore and I will have to put them in a binder.

Thank you for all the great cards.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cards from that Sewing Machine Guy

I recently sent out a package of cards to The Sewing Maching Guy.  I sent hm a bunch of 2010 Topps and I screwed up and sent him some stuff wrong.  Along with his 2010 Topps he got some Brewers that were actually supposed to go to another blogger.  But it was okay because I had a bunch more Brewer cards so I made up another package and off they went.  Hopefully Sewing machine Guy can get some Tiger cards for that box of Brewers.  The stuff that I got back was really impressive considering I screwed up his package.  Check out some of what I got.

1970 Topps Carl Yastrzemski: I'll never turn down a vintage Yaz. I already had this card but the one he senwas in better shape than the one I already had.

1978 Cecil Cooper:  Another card for the 80s Red Sox binder.  My favorite thing to do on mailday is pull out the vintage binder.  No other mailday even compares.
2009 Goudey Ted Williams SP:  The short prints from the 09 set have been few and far between.  I did real good in 08 and an down to a single card (303 Wade Boggs)  but I think this is actually the first 09 Goudey I have ever got in a trade.  It is The Splended Splinter too so that makes it even better.
2009  Goudey Minis:  Some more cards that have been hard to come by.  I still need a ton of Goudey Minis from both 08 and 09.  I really wish that they would have just made them all mini like in 07 because I like the little ones much better than the big ones. 

Thanks man I promise I will get your mailday right next time.