Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trade with The Nennth Inning

I recently send some Giants cards over to The Nennth Inning and he paid me back with some great Red Sox cards.

Chrome JD - He is a great player but plays with zero passion and he always looks like he would rather be somewhere else. I would say I would rather have Trott back out there but JD has come up big for us a whole bunch of times. I just with he played with some fire.

I don't buy packs of Chrome because it kind of burns me to so few cards in a pack. I love trading for them though. Gives me a good excuse to look at some prospects.

Chrome Mark Wagner - He is rated the 13th best Red Sox prospect and may one day be Tek's successor.

Chrome Scott Shoemaker - He was traded to Texas for Daniel Haigwood.

Chrome Carlos Fernandez-Olivia - He had a great year in 05 but dropped off dramatically. He has the potential to be a 5 tool player but is still raw.
I keep getting more and more of these black Heroes cards. I've got just enough of them now to make me think about chasing them as a team set. I still need 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34, 177, 186, 200. I have yet to see one of the blue, red, or green parallels.

2008 AL MVP - Nothing else need to say.


Flash said...

No colored parallels? Well, I'll have to fix that for you. I think I have a few cards that can help with that.

AdamE said...

Sounds great. Let me know what all you want off of that list of cards I sent you. You're welcometo the whole thing if you want.

Flash said...

I emailed you. I'll take whatever you want to provide. I'll throw in as much as I can to match.