Monday, November 17, 2008

I want some Mr Playmaker cards

Have you ever seen anyone more all over the football field than this guy?

You can expect him to be in on every big defensive play week in and week out. He is in on every defensive play reguardless of if it a deep thrown ball or a play in the backfield. I have never seen anyone that could close in on the ball faster than Polamalu. I hardly have any cards of Polamalu so if you have any to trade let me know.


Flash said...

Did you see his interception yesterday where he was able to keep the ball from hitting the ground with his fingertips? He is amazing and a lot of fun to watch.

AdamE said...

Yea, that was an amazing grab. He is probably the only DB in the NFL that would have even tried to dive after it to catch it. A great athlete that goes 110% every play.