Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Murphay's Law of Card Collecting

Murphy Law says "anything that can go wrong will". The most popular example of Murphay's Law is "dropped toast will alwyas land butter side down." I however am adding a new one:

"An opeaned pack will always get you cards of the team you want the least."

That being said I always pulled more Yankee cards than anything else. Far and away more than anything else. Then Upper Deck had to go and make the problem worse by adding YSL cards in thier packs. I have now been fortunate enough though to find some takers for Yankee cards, thus eliminating the problem of pulling Yankee cards. I can now turn those Yankees into Red Sox. So what happens now? Now I always pull Diamondbacks. So if anyone out there likes Diamondbacks and would like to work aout a trade please let this poor sod* know.

*Sod's Law in a precurser to Murphay's Law that states "anything that can go wrong will happen to any poor sod who needs such a castistropic event the least.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Post

Memorial Day isn't all about BBQs and partys. Don't forget those that gave us the freedom to enjoy everthing we have today.

I'm not the only one

Take a look, Cardboard APB just got it's first post by someone other than me. David over at Tribecards is looking for a card that may or may not exist. He is offering up a reward for the card or just proof the card actually exists. Go take a look and if you haven't already please add Cardboard APB to your blog-roll.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little Help For A Friend

Grad Cards is doing a Topps Series 2 Varation Group Break. I was in on the Series 1 break and it was great. The best part about his breaks is you get to pick your team. It worked perfect for me because I don't ahve any use for anything other than the Red Sox cards. I came close to finishing off a Series one team set for both the Wal-Mart and Throwback varations from the break alone. Speaking of which, not only can you help Grand Cards out but you can help me out by checking out the Series 1 cards I still need.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Check Out Cardboard APB

Everyone go and check out Cardboard APB. I have asked a whole bunch of other bloggers to join in and all post their Top 10 Most Wanted Lists. It is dedicated to everything from "White Whales" to those pesky hard to find commons. So please check it out perodicaly and see if you can help everone locate some cardboard.

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Living in the middle of Cardinal territory can be tough sometimes for a Red Sox fan. Not near as tough now as in years past (Thank You 2004!!). There is constant banter between me and my coworkers. More so with one particular co-worker than any other. Yesterday (I'm writing this at night and posting tomorrow so technically this morning) (did that make sense) I had on a Red Sox jersey and he asked if it was "Big Pop-up. I replied no it is the guy bating .400. More word were said, he thinks I only like the Sox because they win now, I think he only likes the Cardinals because they are crap like him, yadda, yadda, yadda... Finally we come to who is a bigger fan. He had a little advantage because he is an old fart so he was a fan longer, but I travelled farther to see my team play (Tampa) than he had so that put us back to even. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we had to had a contest to see who was a bigger fan. (I tried to get him to go with who had a better record at the end of the year but I burnt him on that last year and he wasn't going for it again)(maybe that makes me a bigger fan right there) So we came up with the following: who can wear something related to their team for the most days in a row without repeating. We also put a couple of stipulations on it; he decided that they have to have the team name or logo on them (that eliminates my Yankees Suck shirt) and I said that whatever is worn has to be worn all day long (I know he has a ton of Cardinals sweatshirts and it will be June/July soon). I'm kinda at a disadvantage here though since we live in Missouri it is no problem for him to buy a Cardinals something as the contest goes along. I'm sure there is a store real close that has $2 Edmonds/Eckstein shirts he can pick up. I have to order whatever I add to my wardrobe. Still I have almost 2 months of stuff to wear before I repeat (mostly because I have 2 sister-in-laws that each by me a hat for my birthday and for Christmas). Plus somewhere in there my birthday will fall and I will get a few more.

Does anyone else live in enemy territory and have to put up with this stuff?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cardboard APB

When these sets came out I hated the idea behind them. to me they were the same as a reprint. I didn't buy a single pack. Flash forward a few years, I got one in a trade and thought wow this is really cool. What was I thinking years ago, now I really like the idea. Soon I began to amass a few of them. Now I am down to needing just 5 more cards to have them all.

Cardboard APB

This is the last 2009 regular series one card I need. I only want one but I know that somebody somewhere has 10 copies of this thing that they would love to unload. So someone please send me this card. I really figure that this will be the first successful Cardboard APB post.
If you have any Wal Mart or Target Red Sox varations please look at my checklist here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching Up - Falling Behind - Falling Down

I got busy with soccer related stuff and neglected to post for a few weeks but now the season is over and I have started catching up on my posts. However since I have been spending my time posting I have slipped on the trading. I have a few packages that need to go out. I owe packages to Night Owl (long over due), Beardy, Collective Troll, Pursuit of Jacoby/80s/Red Sox, and jmarley. I also have a trade with Cardboard Junkie that almost slipped through the cracks, watch for an e-mail soon dayf. I don't think I forgot anyone but if you don't see your name and I owe you something please let me know.

On another note my Red Sox checklist that I had worked so hard for weeks to complete got deleted by my wife. Does anyone know if I have a file on a zip drive and it gets deleted off is there any way to recover it, it didn't go to my deleted items? Fortunately I had saved a backup on 5-3 so I didn't loose much. Plus most of it was on blogger also. I would like to have what I did loose back though.

Cardboard APB

1951 Topps Bobby Doerr

Why is this card on my top 10?

1. He is a Red Sox Ledgend
2. I have the 51 Pesky
3. He is a nice guy that signs tons of TTM Autos.
4. It is a mini card
5. Do I really need any other reason at all other than I just want it?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cardboard APB

Once again I was stupid, yadda, yadda yadda...
1996 Ringside Boxing Michael Carbajal Gold Card

This is the last card I need to finish my all of the insert sets for 1996 Ringside. (except for the autos; I don't have all of the autos. I would love to pick up a few more of those also if someone out there has some to get rid of.) I'll give either a complete set of 1996 Ringside with the RC insert and Flashback Insert subsets for this one card. Or I will trade any of my Gold doubles for it. Heck if you want baseball/basketball/football for it just let me know.

Cardboard APB

To recap my post this morning. I was stupid shouldn't have started a new blog when I have neglected this one already. So I am moving the 2 posts over to this blog.

1996 Dan Marino Game Used Jersey Card

Picture borrowed from this e-bay listing.

This is one of my most lusted over card of all time. I just haven't been able to part with the money to buy it when there are hundreds of other game used on e-bay for so much cheeper. If you have one you are willing to trade let me know because I would love to have it.

Stupid, Stupid Idea

I don't know what possessed me to try to start a new blog to put my oddball want list on. When I can just post them all here. So I will be adding them to the sidebar where they can be seen. Am I deleting Cardboard APB? I don't think so.. For one I kind of like the name and maybe I will open it up to others to post their top 10 want lists on. If anyone is interested let me know.

So check out my newly updated sidebar for my Top 10 Want List (soon to be Top 10).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting a New Blog

No I'm not scrapping this one I am putting up an addition one. The new blog will is called Cardboard APB. It wil feature the top cards I am currently looking for and what I will pay/trade for them. First up is a 1996 Upper Deck Game Used Dan Marino card. (I don't collect only Red Sox) I plan to add posts untill I have a top 10 cards that I am looking for and then I will update it knock cards off of hte list. So please check it out and help me put an end to some searching for hard to find cards.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goose Joak Cards

When I get to them they come in bunches. Here are some more Goose Joak cards: Jonathon will never be more than a back up guy that rides the bus back and forth between the majors and AAA. I hate to see him on the field because that means someone is hurt. He has done a good job filling in though. He got a game winning home rune one day and pitched an inning in releif.
I hate to see Lugo on the field also but not because it means someone is hurt. I don't like to see him because he sucks.

Since our starting 5 has pretty much stunk so far, it is a good thin we hvae had such a good pen. Ramon Ramirez has been a big part of it. What a great trade by Theo dealing Crisp for Ramon. Yes, we will miss Crisp's glove sometime during the season but so far Ramirez has been steller. He has been virtually unhittable with a .52 ERA and a WHIP of .692 in 17 innings pitched. In those 17 innings there has only been 7 hits. Papelbon is considered one of the best closers int he game an he has given up 12 hits in 15 innings. Since our starting 5 has pretty much stunk so far, it is a good thin we hvae had such a good pen.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Goose Joak Cards

It has been quite a while since I posted some Goose Joak cards. So without further ado:

First up is Jeff Bailey. Lucky for Jeff Kotsay is on an extended DL stint or he would have never got this chance to play first. and Jeff has done a pretty good job stepping in for Youkilis for the last week. While he hasn't' matched Kevin's .400 BA, and we really can't expect Youk to keep that up the whole year anyway. I doubt Kotsay could have played any better than Jeff has.

For the last 2 years every time Wakefield pitched you had to wonder how the catcher would handle it. George has done great so far. I would put his ability to catch a knuckleball right up with good old Maribelli. So far he has made the hardest job in baseball look routine.

Rocco is fresh off a stint on the DL. Hopefully he stays away from it the rest of the year because we all know Drew will end up there eventually. He is a pretty good 4th outfielder and seems like an all around class act.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bat Blog Around #6

One day I was reading TATB and since I have collected cards for most of my life I saw this link (the Baseball Card Bolg) that just begged to be clicked on. After reading it I thought, well that was kind of cool I wonder what other basaball card related blogs are out there? So I clicked on this link (Cardboard Junkie). After reading about 3 of Dayf's posts I was hooked. I started reading every card blog I could find.

Online trading isn't new to me, I did it over 10 years ago on the Old Tuff Stuff site. Somewhere in Baltimore there is some poor soul that took about 4000 Eric Rhett cards from me over a few years. I would buy .$99 100 cards lots of him on E-Bay and trade them to him for all kinds of Dan Marino inserts. Finally he either he figured out that Eric Rhett sucked or figured out he could get them off of E-bey. OK, back on topic. I saw that all these bloggers were doing online trade right on their blogs. So I contacted the Junkie and worked out my first online trade in years. I was so happy I contacted Dave and instigated a trade. Finally after about 2 dozen trades I had instigated I though you know this would be a lot easier if I just started my own blog and let the trades come to me. So I did and trades have come.

So far I have only made trades for Red Sox cards because that is all I have advertised but one of these days i am going to work out a Marino trade. I have neglected that player collection for a long time now. I have actually thought about starting a Marino-A-Day blog but I don't have the energy to do it right now. One of these day.

So there is my long drawn out story to say I blog to trade.

Sorry no pics today. Goose Joak cards up tomorrow though.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few quick thoughts

1. When is the last time you saw a Red Sox lefty strike out 10 against the Yankees? Give up? Lefty Grove in 1936. Ok so I didn't see actually see it but that is the last time it happened.

2. I have Beckett on 3 different fantasy teams and he is sitting tonight's game out on 2 of them. With the start he has had I don't trust him in New Yankee Stadium/Coors West/Home run Park. (he is only pitching in one league because I need the innings worse than the ERA points he will lose me.

3. I have been creating a list of all of the base Red Sox cards. I always knew there were tons of sets out there through the late 90s early 00s but never knew just how many till now. I am so happy that MLB only gives it's license to Topps and Upper Deck now. It has weeded out a ton of sets.

4. Ortiz needs benched. Just think how many RBI Youkilis would have by now if he didn't have the .222 hitting Ortiz right in front of him. Heck teams are even walking batters to get to Ortiz. Hf he doesn't' get a homer to Home Run alley tonight i doubt he gets one all year.

5. I must be the odd man out because I like the look of 09 Goudey. So maybe some of the pictures are horribly drawn, it still has that vintage feel to it. Only way it could be better is if the cards were original mini size.

6. Varitek may be the captain but it is Youkilis team. He has stepped up as a leader and the team gets it's winning attitude from Youkilis' grit. Youkilis for MVP!!!

7. Jeter so should have got tossed last night instead of Giriardi. No other player in baseball could have argued that long with the ump before getting tossed.

8. Teixeira is batting .195, Enough Said.

9. It may be time to start worrying about Papelbon. He has to quit letting so many guys on base.

10. David Wells didn't do so bad announcing the other night. I think he likes to hear himself talk a little too much but he is better than Joe Morgan. I know not much of a compliment (my 10 year old could do better than Joe Morgan) but it is a start. I think he has he right personality for color.

11. Man I love beating the Yankees.

Cards courtesy of trade with Cardboard Junkie.
Thanks Dayf

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vintage trade with Wait Till Next Year

I recently bought a 1960 Topps Lot and am currently trading off all of the non Red Sox. All my Cubs went to Wait Till Next Year and I got these Red Sox gems in return. And I do mean gems. The cards he sent are in the best shape of any vintage cards I have ever seen. If I was into graded cards about 90% of what he send me would be shipped out to get slabbed. But I hate the tall graded card cases so these cards shall spend eternity in regular old top loaders.

I have never started trying to put this team set together because of the black borders. I never have seen even one without chipping until I received this card.

This Petrocelli is a hair off center but has razor sharp fresh from the pack corners.

Perfect centering, perfect color, perfect corners I would say this card has to be a 10. But alas we shall never know.

Someone else also posted a Jim Lonborg card the other day. I think it was Night Owl but I am too lazy to go through all of his posts to see if it really was him.

Does anyone have any idea why Topps went with two different color borders with these cards? But once again a perfectly mint card that is over 40 years old.
Thanks for all of the great cards. And since I live in Missouri and hate it when the Red Sox are supposed to be on Fox and my local station put on the Cardinals instead, GO CUBS!!

Extra 09 Heritage

I have these 09 Heritage to trade. Drop me a line if you need some of them.

7, 17, 22, 26, 28, 52, 54, 64, 86, 107, 109, 129, 140, 148, 165, 169, 187, 223, 231, 235, 254, 264, 283, 297, 298, 304, 320, 330, 340, 353, 355, 361, 369, 393, 394, 399, 419, 420,

BF1 Mickey Mantle
BF4 Paul Richards

Chrome Refractor
C26 Vladimir Guerrero 014/560

Editors Note: Wow, these are going fast. I may have to go buy some more just to trade them off.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trade with The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s

The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s and I recently

Red Sox doubled with each other. Maybe not so recently since I am so far behind posting; so in this case recently means in the last two months.

As crazy as it sounds after he shipped the cards I got them three days later, in Missouri, all the way from England. To me that is absolutely freaking amazing because it takes 4 or 5 days for a letter to get from me to my parents in Arizona. But enough about the post office onto some cards.

For some reason I didn't have hardly any of this year cards until recently.

I have seen pictures of the 09 version but I haven't been able to tell if they are regular sized or mini cards like these 07s are. I hope they are mini like this one.

Getting closer to that 07 Allen & Ginter's Team Set.

When you think 80's cards Oil Can always comes to my mind. And to think this guy is laboring in the minors right now trying to get called back up to the majors. Good Luck Oil Can.

Boggs... Love him and hate him. He was one of my favorites for so many years and I guess I can't blame him for taking the money, but did he have to ride out on that horse?
Thanks for the cards John, I'm sorry it took me so long go post them. Hopefully we can trade doubles again sometime in the near future.