Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aren't they great??

I'm enjoying the hell out of the Marlins/Mets rain delay. Don and the Rem-Dog kick all ESPN announcers asses.  Plus the Yankees are down by three...

A Night Owl scavenger hunt

This is a one scan post of cards I got from Night Owl.  I jumped the gun and filed away the cards before I scanned them.  I'm lazy on top of that so I only drug one card back out to scan and post. 
It is a Mo Vaughn Hologram card from Denny's.  To bad there is no Denny's around me or I may have got some of these years ago when they came out. 
Only having one scan gave me a good reason to go back over old Night Owl posts looking for cards I received.  It is just like a scavenger hunt.
I found the first one here.  This is a 1986 TCMA card, my first one.

Post #2 with a card I received is here.  This is a 2002 Topps Gallery.

And Finally I found this post on A Pack to Be Named Later.  Greg busted a pack of 1999 Topps Stars and pulled this cool short printed Nomar.  At least I think it is short printed because it is a 4 Star card.

Thanks for the cards Greg.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Stuff From Beardy

Long long ago I made a trade with Beardy.  He posted it about a month ago.  I am just now getting to it because I am a horrible blogger.  I sent him the Sweet Spot auto I won from the Collective Troll.  Originally I wanted a Red Sox Sweet Spot card for it but there were no takers and he sent me enough stuff that I was happy.

First is some Topps Gallery.  It had an abundance of variation cards.  Small subtle variations like the coloring of the lettering on Yaz's jersey.  Beardy knocked a bunch of them off of my wantlist. 

Beardy was lucky enough to bust some Topps Archives and some Topps All Time Fan Favorites.  This is about half of the ones he sent.  Good Stuff.

Finally we have the autos.  I think the Papelbon is one good looking card even with his chicken scratch of a signature and the sticker.  The sticker is obvious but still hidden.  I like it.  And what can I say about the on card Piersall.  Beardy also has another Piersall Archives auto I need to come up with something to send him for. 

Thanks Beardy

Friday, June 18, 2010

I've been a soccer referee a long time and in my opinion...

I became a soccer referee in 1988.  So you could say that I've been around the game a little bit. 

There was no foul or offside against the US, it was a goal.  (notice offside is singular?  You cannot be offsides in soccer, you can only be offside.)

Sorry US fans the Findley play was a handball.  Yes, it hit his head first and only glanced off his hand but he still got an advantage from it because it went right to his teammate.  Should it have been a card though?  No.  

The yellow that was issued against Suler, of Slovenia, right outside the box; should have been a Red Card because it denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity. 

I don't know the referee's name from that match but I bet he is demoted to 4th official for the rest of the Cup.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ebay advice

I need a little advice.  I bought a lot of 9 card pages on ebay.  Here is the description.  I paid for the items on May 25th.  After I badgered them about not receiving my pages they shipped it out on the June 11th.  Upon receiving the box the contents were not as described.  The auction states that the primary brand was Ultra Pro but when I opened the box exactly 200 of the 1000 were Ultra Pro.  I contacted the seller and he has offered to give me $40 back and me keep the pages I got or refund the total amount and me ship it back.  The problem is they weigh a bunch and it will cost about $30 to ship back.  So my choices are:
Keep them which means 200 Ultra Pro pages for $70


Send them back and be out $30.

I'm leaning on sending back and getting screwed out of the $30.