Monday, November 10, 2008

Trade with GCRL

I recently made a trade with GCRL. You can see his post about it here. Basically I sent him all of my Dodgers, Twins (okay honestly I kept my Papi RC cards) (can you blame me?) and a few 08 A&G singles for Red Sox cards. Boy did he send ma a bunch of cards to. He even was generous enough to throw some 70's cards in the pile he sent me.

08 Alaska & Michigan (Schilling & Varitek)

Some Great 70's cards for my checklist.

Not just commen old 70's cards he sent stars.

A familar face that has a chance to return next season.

If we don't get Lowe hopefully this guy can crack the rotation.
(I only need 6 more for the team set can anyone help?)
62 - Pedroia
113 - Schilling
134 - Varitek
153 - Bucholtz
333 - Crisp
350 - Youkilis

A mini Black Bordered Dice-K
(I still need a whole bunch of Red Sox A&G minis if someone has some for trade)

When I shipped out his cards I accidently got 2 Dave Roberts mixed in with his Dodgers. He conveintly got these two cards mixed in with my Red Sox.

Lucky for me I just got a request for some Clemens cards the other day.

Thank You GCRL for the cards. I will start saving you another pile of Dodgers and Twins.

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gcrl said...

glad you enjoyed them. i thought about sticking bucky dent in there, too, but figured clemens was enough.

i have another stack going, but no a&g yet...