Saturday, August 29, 2009

When getting new cards is a chore

Warning - Extra long post full of run on sentences

I hated how long it takes me to update things when I get new cards. Getting new cards shouldn't be a chore. Let me explain.

I have a hand written checklist of all the team sets I am chasing. It is one of those little Ultra-Pro 4 slot books with 10 pages. The kind I used to take to grade school with me to trade cards. I have a checklist in each slot, front and back. So I can carry 80 checklists around with me. No I don't carry it everywhere with me but i do take it to card shows and shops whenever I have a chance to go to one. (I also take it whenever I travel because you just never know...) This is the first thing I do when I get new cards. One time I brought it to a card show and assaulted $1 vintage boxes at about three tables. I brought home like 30 new cards but 5 or so were doubles, not doubles of cards that I already had,doubles of cards I bought at other tables that same day. I know that sounds ridicules but in my defense I was keeping an eye on a 3 year old while at the card show, and it was in the middle of a shopping mall. Ever since I update my list right in the middle of card shows.

Once I get home I have a 2nd checklist to update. I have an Excel spreadsheet with every Red Sox card on it, minus inserts unless I am specifically chasing them (like A&G minis, Goudey Minis, Masterpiece Borders, etc). Oh and nothing older than 1940 because I have so few cards older than that I can remember them all without any kind of checklist. It took me weeks to compile. If anyone wants a copy of the master list e-mail me and I will send it to you. Anyway after I update it I then have to go into Blogger and update each post by year when I get cards. Even tagging them it takes forever and I hate to do it. But I have come up with a solution. I uploaded my excel spreadsheet into Google Docs so now I can just change my one spreadsheet and upload it. I don't know why I didn't think if this sooner.

If you haven't figured it out already this is me pimping my new checklist so please check it out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Tribers like free cards???

If you are a tribe fan and want a free card comment on this post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey, Mojo Hand

I was looking at the back of my new cards and came across...

Card Show Pick Ups

While I was in Florida I stopped at a card show in the North Port Mall. There was a whooping 2 tables set up. One had nothing but overpriced autographed stuff. But the other guy had a bunch of vintage oddball stuff that was priced good. He also had some awesome vintage boxing cards like 38 Churchman, 48 Leaf, and even T218s from 1910, but I was in the middle of vacation and didn't have enough much cash to spend. The guy had Beckett prices on everything (well almost everything) but was quick to point out as soon as I got there that they were priced at book but it was really just a guideline for him. He didn't price anything even close to what was on the cards and wasn't going by a percentage either. Most everything was priced lower or even with what I could have got it on ebay for.

I picked up card number 1 from Topps Super, Reggie Smith. Does anyone have a good idea on how to store this thing. It is probably think ehoung that nothing can happen to it but I don't want to tempt fate either.

I really like Kellogg's cards and the fact that it is Yaz makes it even better. one day i'll go on ebay and buy every last Kellogg's Red Sox I can find.

This was the oldest thing I picked up. It is only my second 54 Bowman Red Sox. For some reason everytime I come across them they are redicusally overpriced and I always pass. This one was $3 so I left with it.

This was a pretty good $1 pickup for an oddball Yaz. I have a complete Footbal set of these if anyone is interested in a trade. It has a bunch of big named stars in it too.

Lastly I picked up a handull of these Topps Stamp cards. Unfourtunaly they didn'thave any Red Sox but they did have a bunch of other teams. A bunch of you bloggers that I have traded with may be getting some of these in the mail real soon. I have a problem though. I got the Luis Tiant Cleveland Indian card below but do not know who to send it to. I have traded with a bunch of Indian collectors so I'm not sure who to send it to. So the first one to comment gets the card.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A trade with The Hockey Cards Blog

This is going to be quick because I am behind by about 6 trade posts. That means lots of cards in just a few scans.

I got a Hockey card in my O-Pee-Chee pack so I tried to find someone that might want it. It just so happened that not only did The Hockey Cards Blog (this site appears to be gone or maybe Blogger is just having problems again) want the hockey card he was collecting the whole set of O-Pee-Chee baseball. So I sent him a bunch of cards and he sent me his Red Sox doubles.

Topps is kicking Upper Deck's but this year (not to mention the future thanks to the new MLB exclusive contract) but Upper Deck has to me the very best set of the year. Heritage is supposed to feel like a vintage card but to me these feel more vintage to me that Heritage by far. They might of got sued for it but they really made some great cards.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stuff from Stats on the Back and A Big Welcome Back

Stats on the Back recently e-mailed me for my address because he had some Red Sox cards for me. They showed up sometime while I was on vacation in Florida. In all I got 109 Red Sox I didn't already have. On top of that I also got about 40 more that I am able to forward to The Pursuit of Red Sox. I owed him because I got a package from him also but that will be a future post.

This first card that I got in the package From Stats works great today because RemDog makes his return tonight, against the Yankees, after a battle with cancer. Even though Eck has done a good job I love Remy in the booth and I am really glad he is well enough to start broadcasting again.

I have seen these cards on other peoples blogs but this is the first time I have ever had some of my own. Hopefully Upper Deck can do a better job than this without their license. This may be the ugliest set of all time.

I already had this card but it was a great big upgrade for me. Does anyone need my old 75 Dick Drago with a crease in it?

This Tiant card makes me miss both him and Pedro. It is always great having a fun loving outspoken pitcher around.

This was the coolest thing I got from Stats. It is almost an entire team set of 1982 Coke cards. I never even knew this set existed. It took me a while but I finally tracked down a checklist (thank you Zistle) for them and added the ones I don't have to my want list. I'm missing all of the bigger named guys. (Rice, Evens, Fisk, etc...)

I love minis so much I had to scan all of the ones he sent. This first one is actually some kind of Fleer sticker.

This card is number F. I can't find anything on it. I am guessing it is a mini box bottom card.
If so someone did a really great job cutting it out because it has sharp edges and is square.

I am slowly getting more and more 80s mini cards in trade packs. Until last year I didn't even know Fleer ever made mini cards in the 80s.

My box was loaded with oddball 80s stuff like this Revco card. I know I used to have this whole set as a kid but somewhere around 1990 I had a friend who's house burnt down so I gave him most of my baseball cards and focused mainly on football.

More odd ball 80s stuff. The package was absolutely loaded with Boggs.

I want to say thanks for the cards I will be looking though your want lists and hopefully finding some stuff you need to send back to you.


The Collective Troll is having a Hall of Fame Contest, checkit out and enter to win a slew of HOF cards.

Also CARD CACHE is having an A&G Giveaway, he bought 5 boxes and now wants to share the spoils.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Package from across the pond

Blogger has been acting funny lately. For some reason it has only been letting me see posts I am writing in html view. But it is working today so here is a long overdue trade post.

I think that with this package John became my most frequent trade partner, surpassing Tribecards. That is crazy considering we both collect the same thing and he lives in England. here are the goodies he sent.

1974 LL Card. I have a hard time getting these in my checklists. Many times I don't even know these exist till someone mails them to me. Anyone else see that Ellsbury just set the Red Sox team record for steals. Guess who he beat out?

I didn't even have a single card form this set until I got these. In fact I never heard of the set. These are pretty classy looking cards. Not something I would buy but at least they are Red Sox, that makes the crappiest design ok.

For some reason I like these playing card,... cards. Don't know why I just do. This one knocked off the years set and I almost have all of the other years also.

Shiny. What ever happened to Shiny. Seems like the only shiny cards now are refractors or Upper Deck knockoff refractors. With no license UD needs to find something to sell cards. I think it should be by bringing back the shiny. Give us old school SPX and holograms and I will buy cards without logos. Otherwise...

Thanks for all the awesome cards John. I already have another return package ready for you just need to get to the post office..

Goose Joak Original Clay Buchholtz

Clay has been getting tough opponents lately. He drew Doc yesterday and pitched great. I have never been real high on him and always thought his no-no was an aberration. Maybe I was wrong. Hopefully I was wrong.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trade with Project Phillies

I recently traded cards with Project Phillies. (Okay so it wasn't really so recently, actually over a month ago. But better late than never. I sent away a big pile of Phillies and got a whole bunch of cards in return. This wasn't the normal every day trade. I got a little bit of everything.

First off is the RC of Trot Nixon. This is probably the 4th RC of him I have, for some reason early 90 Red Sox cards seem to elude me.

She also sent me some vintage Sox.

I love the 67 set for it's simplicity. Name - position - white border

Topps Attack

Hall of Famer

(there will be more before this post is done)

Elusive Cards - This was the last card I need to finish off my team set. It seems kind of weird I would need anything from one of the most overproduced sets of all time.

Now things start to get REAL Interesting!!

Red Sox Autos

Vintage Odd Ball Cards!!

Topps Embossed Frank Malzone
This is the first Topps Embossed I have ever owned.

69 Topps Stamps Yastrzemski

This scans horribly. It is truly an awesome card. Easily my favorite of the deal.

If it wasn't for the Yaz stamp card this Delcarmen auto would be my favorite of the trade. I really thought he was going to be traded at the deadline.

Thanks for all the great cards...

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Shocker Here

It is about time . In Flordia on vacation right now so this is about the biggest post I can muster.