Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listia Gold

I have been telling people to sign up for Listia for a long time and once again I struck gold on the site, literally.  After a short period of no Red Sox worth mentioning being posted I had another great pickup.  A 1996 Ultra Gold Medallion Mo Vaughn.  "The Hit Dog" only set me back 30 credits.  (to lazy to scan so I swiped the image)

1996 Ultra Gold Medallion #591 - Mo Vaughn STA - Courtesy of 

Now I know lots of people hate gold foil and this card has it in spades but I really like it.  The sheer gaudiness of it makes this card great.  Not to mention the fact it is of the former Red Sox AL MVP.

I always thought Mo would be an interesting person to have a player collection of.   He was a star of a big market team during the height of card companies experimental years so he was in virtually every really cool insert set; plus he isn't highly collected, and retired before the 1/1 garbage started coming out.  Kind of a perfect storm for a player collection.  I willing bet that there is a blogger out there with a jewel case, collecting dust, full of Mo cards that I would love to trade for.

If you haven't done it already go to Listia now and sign up for free credits that get you free cards.  After that auction off your Topps codes to get more credits to get even more cards.  The great thing about auctioning codes is there is no shipping fees.

Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Collecting/Blog Goals

So what if I’m about 2 months late with this post. Most yearly goals have fallen by the wayside for people by now so why not start where others have fallen off. Better late than never right? I'm about to go through ANOTHER major life change so hopefully I still have some time for cards and the blog this year. (nothing bad, but kinda scary, maybe more on it at some other point)  Anyway on to my goals.

  1. Find 3 more Bill Virdon cards for my Player Collection - I have got 8 new Virdon cards since the beginning of the year and now have 122 of 160 different cards or 76% of them. I’m only shooting for 3 more because of the 38 that I still need most are either: really expensive, really rare, or I can't identify exactly what I need (this last one means I can't tell one team issue card from another). I think 3 is doable There are three on my list that are not real expensive and I can identify.  I'm shoting for these three but any three will do:
    • 1959 Topps #543 Corsair Trio - Skinner/Virdon/Clemente
    • 1984 Expos Stuart #38 Coaching Staff (It is a common card for crying out loud)
    • 2012 Tri Star Signa Cuts #/25 (It makes no sense but I own the 1/1 and 1/10 and I have seen 4 more of the /10 cards on Ebay but have seen the one numbered to 25 only once.)
  2. Scan and link all my Virdon cards into my want list. I want my wantlist to be like an online Virdon card database. If you want to know what a 64 Venezuelan Virdon looks like click on it and it will take you to a scan of it.
  3. Add more Red Sox to my collection. This is a no brainer; it is why I collect and why I have a blog.
  4. Just buy the dam thing. Every year I try to build team sets through trade and LCS purchases. It leaves me with a bunch of holes in my collection.  I'm going to start buying some team sets complete.  I did it a couple times in 2012 and plan on it more in the future.
  5. Finish off 2012 Topps Team Set. I need 3 more base from Update. I need a whole bunch of inserts too but I really want to finish off the base set and I know some blogger has to have them all. (Please send them to me!!)  I want them enough that I changed my Top 10 Most Wanted to Top 11.
  6. Put together the Wal Mart 2013 Team Set. I’m almost half way there thanks to Night Owl and PATP. I think someone else promised me some but I can’t remember for sure anymore.
  7. This will be the easiest one on the list. Post more. Not anything crazy, but I only put together 27 posts last year. Three a month from here on out and I will beat that.
  8. Obtain 10 new 50s Red Sox. (I’m on a narrow budget)
  9. Finish off the 1969 Team Set. ( I need 2 cards #311 Sparky Lyle and #628 RC Stars Billy Conigliaro / Syd O’Brien / Fred Wenz)
  10. Finish off the 1971 Team Set. (I need 1 card #740 Luis Aparicio)(Dam High Numbers)
What is a baseball card blog without a baseball card?  Here is a Pedrioa SP Variation card that I have a double of anyone need it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Card Bloggers Unite and Other Stuff

It has been a little while since I have posted anything. Few things told me I should probably write something.

1. Spring Training is here.
2. I’m about to fall off the blog roll.
3. I got stuck in the snow.

You might think that stuck in the snow is no big deal that shit happens from time to time. Under normal conditions you would be right; the thing is though, I live in Phoenix. I wasn’t really stuck like my car wouldn’t move though. See last summer sometime my windshield wipers quit working. I didn’t know how to fix them and it wasn’t any big deal because it doesn’t really ever rain here and when it does it doesn’t pour or anything. We get that bullshit amount where you have to turn your wipers on and off over and over again because it doesn’t come down hard enough to leave them on. So anyway I get out to my car yesterday and it is covered in snow. I scraped it off with my hand and started to drive but I didn’t get a block before it was covered up again and no wipers to clear it off. Basically the sign that I need to get off my ass and fix the dam car which made me think “I need to get off my ass and write a post”.

As you may or may not know I have a Fantasy League called Card Bloggers Unite. As you probably gathered from the league name it consists of a bunch of card bloggers. 2013 will be our 4th year of the League. Dayf somehow came from next to last place in 2011 to win the championship in 2012. I was a real fucking injustice too since he named his team after a pastel girl’s toy horse. I sent out a league renewal yesterday and half the league has renewed already. We usually lose at least one every year so after a week I may be asking for new participants.

I have received a bunch of packages lately. The latest one was from Cards on Cards. It wasn’t your ordinary package either. You would think a guy with a blog called Cards on Cards would send cards right? Well this time he sent a truck.

To be honest he sent cards too but just because I got off my ass to write a post doesn’t mean that I got the gumption to break out the scanner and it was easier to yank the truck image off ebay than it was to search out the cards he sent. Technically there is a card with the truck though so it is still card related.

Thanks Kerry! I’m working on a return package but it will be all cards, no truck.