Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trade with Cardboard Junkie

I recently made a trade with Cardboard Junkie. He made a post about it a little while back. I got the cards in so now it is my turn to post something. First though I would like to say that dayf has in my opinion the very best blog out there. He does a great job of keeping it interesting and always has a ton of links for you to enjoy.
He really helped out my vintage checklist and most importantly he helped me finish of my 59 team set. This Sammy White was the last card I needed.

Sometime in the last 50 years someone took a pen to Sammy's card but boy does he still look great in his new home in my binder between Frank Fornieles and Vic Wertz. I also got my first ever 51 Bowman Red Sox card and some 56 Topps from dayf. Along with a ton of other Sox cards he also sent me these gems:

Some A&G Minis for my checklist...

A Nice Shiny Pedro Insert...

And a Game Used Papi.

Thank you so much for the cards. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I am enjoying the ones you sent me.

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