Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Favorite Parallel Set

Another of my favorite parallel sets is 1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection. It is an exact replica of the base card with some cool rays that extend from the pinnacle of the pyramid. This one is #158 Mike Alstott. I was really good at pulling parallels of Mike for some reason. I have more oddball parallels of him without trying to get them than anyone else in my entire collection. It got to the point I just started picking them up whn I came across them because I had so many already. Didn't hurt that he was an old school smash mouth player either.

Isn't it cool how the burst of rays comes out from right where his foot is touching the ground. I have a couple of these that I pulled out of Pinnacle that year. A couple Commons and a Jerry Rice (the Rice card looks really good also). If anyone wants the Rice let me know.

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