Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Thought and More Sox

2004 Leaf Certified Cuts David Ortiz

Papi thinks we need a middle of the order upgrade. I guess he doesn't think that Youkilis has enough bat.

2004 Bowman Gold and 2004 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis

I think Ortiz needs to do an upgrade himself!

Youk leads Papi in EVERY single hitting category except surprisingly walks. But I know Youk can do that too; he wasn't called the "Greek God of Walks" for nothing

2001 Fleer Platinum Hideo Nomo

So are we getting another Japanese pitcher yet or not already?

2001 Upper Deck Derek Lowe


2007 SP Authentic Authentic Speed Coco Crisp

Another off season another year on the trading block for Coco.

2004 Topps Chrome Mike Timlin

I hate to see him go but would hate even more to see him stay.

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