Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where I Have Been And How I Post

I haven't posted in a really long time. I know excuses are like ...... everybody has one, but I really have a good one. See I don't have high speed Internet and every time I try to upload a picture to blogger it times out. So the way I always post is to save pictures to a usb drive, take it to work, upload the picture, and then go home and write the post. That worked great for a long time until my work firewall got in the way. For some reason I could only look at blogger in HTML view which means there was no Upload Picture button. Finally things are back to normal and I can upload pictures again. So without further adu...

Goose Joak cards

Billy just signed with the Braves. I had hoped the rumors were true and Papelbon might get traded and we would resign Wagner. Why you say?? Well I think Papelbon is a great closer but I also think he is right on the edge all of the time. One of these days he is going to fall off and we will be without a closer. Plus I really like Wagner. He was real nice when I saw him in Chicago this year. Oh yeah, and he signs a great autograph.

Bowden is someone we may get to see more of this year. He seams like he has a lot of potential. But he may be trade bait for a Really Great pitcher (Roy) or a big bat (Gonzalez)

Mark Kotsay was a signing I never figured out. To me it was one of Theo's mistakes this year.

I heard this guys name a handful of times on tv but I still can't pronounce it. The first minor leaguer to be signed out from under Japanese baseball. I don't figure it will be the last either. He has some serious upside too.
This almost wraps up the Goose Joak cards for me. I still haven't made one for about 3 minor leaguers that I can't find a picture of in a Red Sox uniform. That and LaRoach. Can't find a LaRoach Red Sox picture. If anyone out there can find one please let me know.

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Goose Joak said...

Sweet! Perhaps the final Joaks of '09? :)