Monday, December 28, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Present This Year.

My favorite Christmas present came in the mail the day after Christmas.  It was a surprise package from another Red Sox collecting blogger Gordon.  I traded/bought cards from Gordon in the past and new he was generous but I was shocked to receive this from him in the mail. 

A 1968 Yastrzemski - Never did I expect for someone to just give me this card.

Thank you so much Gordon. 

If anyone out there has some Red Sox to trade I recommened trading with Gordon.  It may be hard to find cards he needs though because his collection is a reported 20,000 Red Sox deep.  You can find his want lists here, here, here, and here.


Collective Troll said...

Nice card!!! The '68 set is growing on me and that was a pretty good year for Yaz... Wait, didn't he have like 20 good years... Nice card my friend!

I Am The Average Joe said...

Wow, great card. Don't even know if i should check his want lists if he can just give a Yaz away like that.

RedSoxCollector said...

Adam, thanks for the plug! It's been a pleasure reading your blog and trading with you, look forward to more! Average Joe - there's plenty of commons on my want lists. Check my trade lists as well, love to make a trade!