Monday, December 21, 2009

Trade with GSNHOF Package 2

This is the second package I received from GSNHOF.  I received it just days after the first package. 

On a side note get over to GSNHOF and vote on sports best (or most unfortunate) names.

First up is a Bobby Doer Goudey Mini.  I love Mini cards.  I'm chasing the Goudey mini team sets from 08 and 09 but they are coming together rather slowly.  Just receiving one of them in a trade is a big deal.

This Mike Greewell Toys R Us card was the first Toys R Us card I had ever seen.  It was followed by 3 more differnt one in teh package.  I love getting oddball cards in trade.

Kellogg's cards are some of my very favorites.  I love the 3D cards and wish they would bring them back.  It would make me eat more cereal if it still came with cards.

04 Chrome Wakefield - I chose this card to scan because I was glad that he got resigned and also because I don't really have very many 04 Topps Red Sox.  Something about the design steared me away from buying any and now there is a big hole in my Topps collection. 

Well one more package from GSNHOF down and one more to go.  I still got to scan the cards though so there will probably be a few posts between now and then.

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