Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I think Upper Deck X is one of the worse products ever.  But I love the Xponential cards.  They look like something produced in the 90s.  I fnd myself wanting to buy packs of these things just to get the inserts.  And I don't even collect inserts.  UDX has 4 levels of Xponential cards that are inserted one per pack.  I swiped these images from Zistle because I am to lazy to scan the cards.

Here is  list of the 08 Xponential cards I still need.

X-DO David Ortiz
X-JB Josh Beckett
X-JP Jonathan Papelbon

X2-BE Josh Beckett
X2-DO David Ortiz
X2-JP Jonathan Papelbon
X2-MA Manny Ramirez

X3-JB Josh Beckett
X3-MR Manny Ramirez

X4-DO David Ortiz

Oh, and if anyone is collecting the base set of these or the die cut set please let me know because I have quite a few from chasing inserts.

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madding said...

I've got the Manny X3 and Ortiz X4 as well as a Papelbon jersey card if you're interested. My discounted blaster definitely had a Red Sox theme to it.