Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Haul

I had a few presents under the tree this year.  I opeaned new fishing waders, boots, a book, and lures before I got to a package with cards in it.  One basaball card present was better than lasts years ballcard haul of zero cards. Honestly I figured I had some kind of cards coming because I was banned from MyEbay for a week so that I couldn't see what was being bidded on.  Here is what I got:

1981 Kellogs Carl Yastrzemski
Usually when I mention cards in any way my wife rolls her eyes, says she really doesn't care and goes about some other kind of business.  Somewhere along the way though she must have listened to what I said because Kellogg's cards are some of my absolute favorites.    Yaz wasn't the only one I got either.

I actually got the entire team set.  A five card team set with Yaz, Lynn, and Rice is pretty good.  Tony Perez was no slouch either.  So thanks to one package from my wife I have my first completed Kellogg's team set.


Matt Runyon said...

very nice.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Always loved the Kellogg's cards.

I'll see what Red Sox cards I can find for you ...

RedSoxCollector said...

I have a dozen or so 1981 Kellogg's available to trade if anyone interested (no Red Sox). Gorgeous cards.