Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few quick thoughts

1. When is the last time you saw a Red Sox lefty strike out 10 against the Yankees? Give up? Lefty Grove in 1936. Ok so I didn't see actually see it but that is the last time it happened.

2. I have Beckett on 3 different fantasy teams and he is sitting tonight's game out on 2 of them. With the start he has had I don't trust him in New Yankee Stadium/Coors West/Home run Park. (he is only pitching in one league because I need the innings worse than the ERA points he will lose me.

3. I have been creating a list of all of the base Red Sox cards. I always knew there were tons of sets out there through the late 90s early 00s but never knew just how many till now. I am so happy that MLB only gives it's license to Topps and Upper Deck now. It has weeded out a ton of sets.

4. Ortiz needs benched. Just think how many RBI Youkilis would have by now if he didn't have the .222 hitting Ortiz right in front of him. Heck teams are even walking batters to get to Ortiz. Hf he doesn't' get a homer to Home Run alley tonight i doubt he gets one all year.

5. I must be the odd man out because I like the look of 09 Goudey. So maybe some of the pictures are horribly drawn, it still has that vintage feel to it. Only way it could be better is if the cards were original mini size.

6. Varitek may be the captain but it is Youkilis team. He has stepped up as a leader and the team gets it's winning attitude from Youkilis' grit. Youkilis for MVP!!!

7. Jeter so should have got tossed last night instead of Giriardi. No other player in baseball could have argued that long with the ump before getting tossed.

8. Teixeira is batting .195, Enough Said.

9. It may be time to start worrying about Papelbon. He has to quit letting so many guys on base.

10. David Wells didn't do so bad announcing the other night. I think he likes to hear himself talk a little too much but he is better than Joe Morgan. I know not much of a compliment (my 10 year old could do better than Joe Morgan) but it is a start. I think he has he right personality for color.

11. Man I love beating the Yankees.

Cards courtesy of trade with Cardboard Junkie.
Thanks Dayf

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