Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vintage trade with Wait Till Next Year

I recently bought a 1960 Topps Lot and am currently trading off all of the non Red Sox. All my Cubs went to Wait Till Next Year and I got these Red Sox gems in return. And I do mean gems. The cards he sent are in the best shape of any vintage cards I have ever seen. If I was into graded cards about 90% of what he send me would be shipped out to get slabbed. But I hate the tall graded card cases so these cards shall spend eternity in regular old top loaders.

I have never started trying to put this team set together because of the black borders. I never have seen even one without chipping until I received this card.

This Petrocelli is a hair off center but has razor sharp fresh from the pack corners.

Perfect centering, perfect color, perfect corners I would say this card has to be a 10. But alas we shall never know.

Someone else also posted a Jim Lonborg card the other day. I think it was Night Owl but I am too lazy to go through all of his posts to see if it really was him.

Does anyone have any idea why Topps went with two different color borders with these cards? But once again a perfectly mint card that is over 40 years old.
Thanks for all of the great cards. And since I live in Missouri and hate it when the Red Sox are supposed to be on Fox and my local station put on the Cardinals instead, GO CUBS!!

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night owl said...

I'll save you the work: Yup is was me who posted the Lonborg card.

I have a few no chipped '71 cards. All bought at card shows.

I don't know why the 68s were two different pattern styles. I just know the first series (cards were issued in 5 or 6 series) looks different than the rest of them.