Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bat Blog Around #6

One day I was reading TATB and since I have collected cards for most of my life I saw this link (the Baseball Card Bolg) that just begged to be clicked on. After reading it I thought, well that was kind of cool I wonder what other basaball card related blogs are out there? So I clicked on this link (Cardboard Junkie). After reading about 3 of Dayf's posts I was hooked. I started reading every card blog I could find.

Online trading isn't new to me, I did it over 10 years ago on the Old Tuff Stuff site. Somewhere in Baltimore there is some poor soul that took about 4000 Eric Rhett cards from me over a few years. I would buy .$99 100 cards lots of him on E-Bay and trade them to him for all kinds of Dan Marino inserts. Finally he either he figured out that Eric Rhett sucked or figured out he could get them off of E-bey. OK, back on topic. I saw that all these bloggers were doing online trade right on their blogs. So I contacted the Junkie and worked out my first online trade in years. I was so happy I contacted Dave and instigated a trade. Finally after about 2 dozen trades I had instigated I though you know this would be a lot easier if I just started my own blog and let the trades come to me. So I did and trades have come.

So far I have only made trades for Red Sox cards because that is all I have advertised but one of these days i am going to work out a Marino trade. I have neglected that player collection for a long time now. I have actually thought about starting a Marino-A-Day blog but I don't have the energy to do it right now. One of these day.

So there is my long drawn out story to say I blog to trade.

Sorry no pics today. Goose Joak cards up tomorrow though.

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