Friday, May 1, 2009

Trade with The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s

The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s and I recently

Red Sox doubled with each other. Maybe not so recently since I am so far behind posting; so in this case recently means in the last two months.

As crazy as it sounds after he shipped the cards I got them three days later, in Missouri, all the way from England. To me that is absolutely freaking amazing because it takes 4 or 5 days for a letter to get from me to my parents in Arizona. But enough about the post office onto some cards.

For some reason I didn't have hardly any of this year cards until recently.

I have seen pictures of the 09 version but I haven't been able to tell if they are regular sized or mini cards like these 07s are. I hope they are mini like this one.

Getting closer to that 07 Allen & Ginter's Team Set.

When you think 80's cards Oil Can always comes to my mind. And to think this guy is laboring in the minors right now trying to get called back up to the majors. Good Luck Oil Can.

Boggs... Love him and hate him. He was one of my favorites for so many years and I guess I can't blame him for taking the money, but did he have to ride out on that horse?
Thanks for the cards John, I'm sorry it took me so long go post them. Hopefully we can trade doubles again sometime in the near future.

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