Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Murphay's Law of Card Collecting

Murphy Law says "anything that can go wrong will". The most popular example of Murphay's Law is "dropped toast will alwyas land butter side down." I however am adding a new one:

"An opeaned pack will always get you cards of the team you want the least."

That being said I always pulled more Yankee cards than anything else. Far and away more than anything else. Then Upper Deck had to go and make the problem worse by adding YSL cards in thier packs. I have now been fortunate enough though to find some takers for Yankee cards, thus eliminating the problem of pulling Yankee cards. I can now turn those Yankees into Red Sox. So what happens now? Now I always pull Diamondbacks. So if anyone out there likes Diamondbacks and would like to work aout a trade please let this poor sod* know.

*Sod's Law in a precurser to Murphay's Law that states "anything that can go wrong will happen to any poor sod who needs such a castistropic event the least.


Sooz said...

You make it sound like a bad thing . :)

Plus, we like Yankee cards too.

jackplumstead said...

I also had a back case of sods law recently.
Check out all those Red Sox!

JD's Daddy said...

Tell me about it. I pulled a Mariano Rivera GU card from Legendary Cuts, trade it away...and pull another one days later!