Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trip to a card shop, kinda

One good thing about travelling is that sometimes I get to go to a card shop somewhere. My little town has no shop so it is great to get to go to one. Sadly I couldn't find a shop in East Knoxville and had to settle for one of those card shops in the mall who rape every customer that makes a purchase. The cheapest game used they had was a Coco Crisp A&G game used bat for $30. I passed on it but I didn't pass on these out of their $1 bin that was 50% off for the weekend.
2006 A&G Mark Loretta #193 - I love the look of A&G. That is the only kind of Red Sox they had in the bin to.
2006 A&G 113 Coco Crisp - This is now the 2nd 2006 A&G Red Sox that I own including the Loretta pictured above.
2006 A&G 346 Bob Fitzsimmons - I'm a sucker for boxing cards. I know Goudey had some but this is the first one I have seen out of A&G Are there more? If so I would love to trade for them or any other boxing cards for that matter.

2007 A&G 113 Coco Crisp - Coco is gone from the Sox but not my collection.
I think I made it out of the store ok with my money intact. I feel sorry for whoever buys that Coco bat card for $30 or an Ortiz jersey card for $90.


zman40 said...

Is there any chance that you might want to trade any of the Crisp cards? Or the '08?

AdamE said...

I actually need them all for my team sets. I may however have some other Coco's that I would trade.