Thursday, December 4, 2008

Best Bathroom Break Ever

I know what a $h!tty title but I guess I'm not feeling to imaginative right now. I was forced by my 4 year old to stop at an obscure convenience store in my hometown for a bathroom break. What a lucky stop it was because this particular convenience store has a baseball card display. My hometown source of cards just went from one (Wal Mart) to two. on top of that they had a pack of A&G. Unfortunately it was the last one but Wal Mart hasn't had one for months.
Adam Dunn - Where do you think Adam is going to land? My bet is he will be in Arizona come springtime.

Brian Roberts - The best player on the worst team.

Troy Glaus - I always pull Troy's cards. I have a ton of his Angel cards. One day I will find a Troy Glaus collector out there somewhere. (or maybe a team collector to unload them on)

Kevin Van Dam - I don't know anything about professional fisherman other than this picture is completely bogus. Every time they show one of these guys on Sportscenter they have more advertisements on their shirts than a NASCAR has decals.
Frank Thomas - Since it is a mini does that make it a little hurt?

Coco Crisp - Red Sox card = Good Pack. Not only is it a card I didn't have but it is a SP. Coco is now officially the first Red Sox I have a 06,07, and 08 A&G card of. Funny thing is I got all three of them within about 3 days of one another.

Jason Schmidt - Topps must have really had to stretch to find a player from every state. Sorry Dodger fans.
Man I love A&G cards. This is my favorite set. If I was a set collector this would be the one I would collect every year. This is the best bathroom stop I ever had to make. I know this post has a $h!tty title but I'm just not feeling to imaginative right now.

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Dave said...

I would not be surprised to see Adam Dunn wind up as the Rays DH in 2009...