Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Bat Around Round 2

The centerpiece of my collection?? The neat thing about this blog bat around is that it made me think. Is my centerpiece my most valuable stuff or the stuff I have with special meaning?
Could it be one of my 1500 different Dan Marino cards?

Collecting Dan Marino is what I did all through the 90s. Until I quit collecting cards in 1999 I would have put my Marino collection up against anyone esles for the title of best Marino collection.

My vintage Red Sox binder?

Since I got back into collecting this is where my heart really is. It is where I have spent the most time an money. So far I have 2 complete early team sets 1955 and 1959 a few that I am really close to completing (1953 Bowman Color 1 card short ,Mel Parnell, 1960 Topps 7 cards including that expensive Yaz RC)

My vintage boxing cards?
(if anyone knows what set the Marvin Hart came from please let me know because I forgot. All I remember is it is pre 1900)

I love the sport. I even gave my son a boxing name, Corbet Clay. Corbet for the first gloved heavyweight champ Jim Corbett and Clay obviously for the Greatest of all time Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)It is a shame but boxing is on life support. People blame MMA but that isn't it, boxing has done it to itself.

Other Irreplaceable things??

Most of the things I put in this category are irreplaceable because I don't have enough money to replace them.

That is defiantly the case with the T206 Cy Young. This isn't a Cy Young Red Sox, but it is still a Cy fricking Young T206. It also has a story. Ever hear someone say not to tighten a screw down to much or the card will stick to the case? Well it is true. A guy offered the Cy Young to me for $100 because it was bonded to the case. I had remembered reading a looonnngggg time ago on the old Tuff Stuff Trade Forum (anybody remember that? it was in operation in the mid 90s. You posted what you had to trade and responded via e-mails I made LOTS of trades for Marino cards under the ID of AdamE or ABE i forget which) that you could unbond one by getting it hot and then sticking it in the freezer over and over again till it comes loose. It actually worked. The card didn't even loose any of it's color. I put it in a sleeve and then right back in the same screwdown.

The Williams cards I guess should be in my vintage Sox binder category but I don't have the guts to but them in pages instead of their hard cases. Unless I have a change of heart they are staying in this category in their toploaders inside of team bags forever.

Things with personal meaning??

If you read my blog in the last few months you already know the stories behind these images. The Walter Payton was my first ball card and watching a ball game with Preacher Roe and my little son was priceless.

I tried to decide which category was the most important to me but it is now deadline time (actually a little past) and I am still undecided. Right now I am leaning towards the Roe glove but an hour ago it was Vintage Red Sox. I've decided that my centerpiece is my collection as a whole. As a collector, father, and sports fan; each and every item in my collection has lead me to be the collector I am today.


Dave said...

Great stuff - that Cy Young card and the two Ted Williams cards are amazing!

AdamE said...

Thanks Dave!!

dayf said...

Wow... amazing stuff there! I love the vintage binders :)