Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Every year I seem to have to search for one of those elusive toys for one of my kids. Last year it was a Bumblebee Transformer that I ended up having to give $70 for on e-bay. This year I couldn't find a certain Tinkerbell doll for my little girl.
Seven stores in Knoxville and no Tinkerbell doll. None to be found in Nashville either. But Paducah Wal Mart saved the day. I also paid $1.47 for gas there. For some reason the gas in Paducah is always about 20 cents less than at home. On top of that Wal Mart had Goudey that my town has been out of for months. I snuck one pack while my wife wasn't looking. Lets Rip!!

19 Jim Palmer - Jeter says... Who cares!!!
149 Jack Wilson - The Bucs are my secret baseball shame since I was born outside of Pittsburgh. Jack is my favorite of the bunch.
56 Bob Feller - Worst smile ever painted on a card.

4 Dan Haren - That guy pitched the ball right through his mouth and out his ear.
84 Carlos Lee Red Backed Mini - Did I mention I love Paducah!! I think I know someone who will be getting this in the mail shortly. It is on his want list.

97 James Loney - What a horrible name to have to grow up with.

276 Bruce Jenner Sport Royalty SP - Did I mention I love Paducah. It is even fun to say Paducah, Paducah, Paducah... Does anyone need this SP?? Drop me an comment or e-mail.

186 Josh Hamilton - Jeter Says: The only way this pack gets any better is if it had some Sox. At least I know I will get some in trade for the Carlso Lee.

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Dave said...

Sweet Carlos Lee red back mini! Thanks in advance - and yes, you will be getting some Red Sox from me soon.