Friday, December 23, 2011

On the 10th Day of Christmas Play at the Plate sent to me..

A Black Baldelli, O-Pee-Chee.

I'm sure that Brian from Play at the Plate probably doesn't remember because this was in my draft folder from September of 09.  Nothing like being 2 years and 3 months late at something.

Here is the aforementioned Baldelli.  Blogger won't let me put him in the middle for some reason.  He is a righty so I don't understand it.

I don' t remember this guy, Lee.  This was a short print card though for some reason.  Sang-Hoon has to have one of the worst haircuts in the history of the game.

This is the best card of the bunch but I couldn't figure out how to rhyme it with me.  Now that I already typed the rest of the post I realize that Gallery rhymes just fine with me and I could have put him at the top. Oh Well.


Play at the Plate said...

Too funny. As I've been reading these posts, I was thinking I should have sent you something to put up. Little did I know I sent it...two years ago! I do remember that Nomar.

AdamE said...

I used these posts as a mail catch up. Since I didn't post all summer I had a bunch of stuff that needed posted. I ran short of new trades though and went to the draft folder where I found your trade.

I know of 2 other packages I got that I won't be able to post because I put the cards away before I scanned them. 90s Box Breaks and My Sports Card Obsession sent me stuff this summer that I never made a trade post for. Thanks you two.