Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday.

Most people don't know it but I have a boxing card collection as well as a Red Sox and a Virdon collection.   So when I saw a card that Eric from Manupatches and Mustaches posted the other day I had to make him an offer for it.  

This is a 48 Leaf Boxing Card.  The perfect thing for Boxing Day.  Most probably recognize it because it looks allot like its baseball counterpart.  Even though I know that there is no possible way I will ever build this set complete I still collect it.  I haven't counted lately but I have about 10 of them.  The reason I won't ever finish it is because there is one particular card that was short-printed and last I knew there was only one reported copy of it and it sold for for $50,000 at the Boxing Hall Of Fame memorabilia show something like 10 years ago.  Even if I get all but that one a 60+ year old set is a challenge to collect. 

I scanned it as a normal sized card so everyone can see just what size it is.  This one is a little smaller than most because one side has been trimmed.

Thank you for the great card Eric.  If you ever come across anymore of them, keep me in mind.

This isn't the only boxing card I have received this year. 

The Sewing Maching Guy sent me these. 

The first gloved heavyweight championship was between these two guys.  Corbett came out the winner by knockout in the 21st round.  Back then they went until someone won.  Goodwinn also put out a Bob Fitzsimmons in this set that I still need. (Got it)  I also need the mini versions of each, if anyone out there has one. 

I know that this thank you post is a long time coming but, thanks for the cards Larry!

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Anonymous said...

I did a post on the Goodwin cards - I really love the set.