Monday, June 17, 2024

A New To Me Virdon

 We interrupt the 2023 TRSTSOCAAT posts with a COMC mail day.  I bought this in August of 2022 but it didn't come in the mail until this week.  It sat in my inventory for almost two years before I requested shipping.  I requested the shipment on 4-19 and it got here on 6-12.  I waited two years to ship it so there was no reason to pay the extra for fast shipping.  

1986 TCMA All-Time Huston Astros #12

I didn't know that this card existed until the day I bought it.  I knew there was a 1986 TMCA All-Time Astros Bill Virdon and I have had it for years, however I didn't know that there was a variant until I saw it listed on TCB.  I went straight to COMC and made my purchase.  

The variation is the MLB logo at the bottom.  It isn't even listed in The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.  Without someone adding it to COMC I would likely never have known it existed.  

This is one card of eleven I had shipped from COMC and I may post some more of them but nine of them a boxing cards so I don't know how interested anyone would be to see them.


Jon said...

If they're older boxing cards, I for one, would be interested in seeing them.

Fuji said...

Sometimes variations drive me nuts... and I just ignore them. But when one of my PC's is kind of small... it adds another opportunity to add a single to that collection.