Friday, June 14, 2024

2023 TRSTSOCAAT #146 Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo was always kind of a strange player to me.  He played like one of Boston's Dirt Dogs but he sure didn't act or look like a Dirt Dog.  With his abundance of gold necklaces he was just way to flashy.  When it happened, he was seen as the best part of the Mookie trade but Conner Wong as since past him as the best part of the Mookie trade.  When I say best part I just mean the best guy coming to the Red Sox because no Red Sox fan likes that Mookie trade.

This looks like an out.  A long fly ball but an out just the same.  It is weird that you can't see gold necklaces flying here because I don't ever remember him batting without having to fiddle with them between pitches.  

This year he was part of a rare Red Sox-yankees trade.  I don't know at all how he is doing in New York but the guy we got for him as been good.  Wiessert has a nasty nasty looking Bugs Bunny like sinker and is one of the biggest reasons the Sox bullpen is doing as good as it is. 

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