Friday, June 7, 2024

2023 TRSTSOCAAT #92 Triston Casas

I let a week slip by without a post.  At least it wasn't a couple years again.  

I mentioned before every year there is someone on the team I refer to as The Kid.  Casas is the current The Kid on the Red Sox team.  Actually I refer to him as The Big Kid because he looks huge on TV.  He is 6-5 244 but somehow looks like he's in high school still.  He put up 24 HRs in 2023 which is not bad for a rookie though you kind of expect more from a first baseman his size.  He reminds me a lot of Jim Thome.  Both are lefty first baseman about the same size, they strike out at about the same rate, and they get on base at about the same rate.  But mostly it is that they both always seem so happy.  Thome hit 20 HRs his first season and just kept getting better.  If Casas can keep improving, well you never know...  If he can stay healthy that is...


My first thought when looking at this card is he starting a home run trot.  But after some closer inspection I think he's watching a short right field pop up.  Triston is looking up and far away but the crowd behind him doesn't seem to be responding.  Nobody is standing and nobody has their phones out taking a picture.  How weird in 2024 that I can look at a baseball card and use the fact nobody is taking pictures on their phones to come up with what is happening on the card?  

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Fuji said...

It's funny you mention phones at the ballpark. When I went to the Giants game on Memorial Day, there was a couple sitting in the row in front of us... two seats to the left. The guy was obviously a big baseball fan, but his wife/girlfriend played on her phone taking selfies, texting, and scrolling instagram the entire time they were there. I couldn't help but think... what a waste of a great seat. I know it's not my money, so I shouldn't care... but it annoyed me. The husband/boyfriend was all good with it though. Almost like... "honey, you play on the phone as much as you want... just don't disturb me while I watch the game".