Thursday, June 20, 2024

2023 TRSTSOCAAT #152 Nick Pivetta

Back to my 2023 Topps review after the short COMC mail day posts.

I was excited when the Red Sox picked up Pivetta during Covid year.  He was a guy that had put up good numbers then had a bad year.   He usually isn't lights out but he is competitive every time on the mound and has been a reliable starter and reliever since we got him.  Not great, not bad, just steady every team needs a pitcher or two like that.

I hate the Red Sox City Connects uniforms!  I know they are supposed to represent the Boston Marathon but the gaudy yellow is absolutely terrible.  Some people like them because the Sox have had good luck when wearing them (30-8 all time) but I hate them.  

It may just be me but does Pivetta not look like motocross/supercross/rallycross/racer of anything with (and without) wheels, Travis Pastrana?  

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