Friday, May 17, 2024

Negative Scanning

 Most Collectors have heard of Brace and Rowe postcards.  brace and Rowe printed a lot more than just postcard photos, many of the team issues in every size were Brace/Rowe photos.  Over the years I have bought any of the Virdon stuff I could find in about every size you can imagine. Recently some of the Virdon Rowe negatives came up for sale, so I bought them all.

Oh what a pain scanning a negative is.  This took me about 19 scans to figure out how to get it this good.  The final product came from closing my scanner bed about three quarters of the way and shining my phone flashlight onto the white backing of my scanner top.  That light strip is the glare from my light. I also scanned it backwards and I only realized that as I am posting so you all get a reverse negative because I am not doing it a 20th time. 

This is a scan of an 8x10 made from this negative.  I may have had this for ten years before I got it's negative.  Was it team issued or was it an order from Virdon himself so he would have photos to autographed, I might not ever know.  


night owl said...

We scan negatives at work. Apparently it's a specific kind of scanner but I know nothing about that stuff.

Fuji said...

Very cool to have the negative to pair up with the photo. I recently tried to scan an acetate insert and it gave me a bunch of problems too.