Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Friends And Foes

 I don't really know a lot about this set.  I don't know what company produced it or how it was distributed or anything.  The cards all have PSA paperwork with them so maybe PSA produced them?

All the cards in the set are cut autos.  It is called Friends and Foes because Friends and Foes sounds better than Teammates and Foes. They do not say One of One on them anywhere and they feel very 1/1 to but I have two if this Virdon/Skinner so they are not 1/1.

Every card is a booklet card with two teammates or two guys that are somehow foes.

I do not have any of the Foes cards to show but they are mosly odd pairings like Boggs and Pudge.  Yeah they both played at the same time but what do they have to do with each other?  

There is one more Virdon from this set floating around out there somewhere.  TCB has a Friend card of Harvey Haddox and Bill Virdon that I haven't seen yet.  


Brett Alan said...

Yeah, those are nice but they're practically screaming for a serial number.

Fuji said...

I've never seen this product, but I do own a bunch of non-sport Historic Autographs cards. The ones I have are a bunch of US Presidents and other famous people from US history. If you search it up online, they have a website. I'm guessing they have a product description for these cards.