Friday, May 24, 2024

2023 Wrapped Up

 When I started blogging again I mentioned that I might review every single 2023 Topps card one at a time.  That team set has been sitting on my desk for three weeks just waiting for me to get to them.  Well today I scanned the whole thing, all 35 cards.  Then I paged them up and put them in my 2023 Binder.  

Unless I get a hankering for unlicensed Panini cards, in sets that I never heard of, or I find a good deal on an A&G mini team set than I am done with 2023.  

I know my binders don't match, that's fine with me.  If I win the lottery maybe then I'll replace them all but until then I use what I have/find.  The three matching binders that hold 2019, 2020 (unlabeled), and 2021 came from goodwill.  I got them for 1.99 each; I know that because I made such a mess removing the first price tag I left the other two alone so they are still on there.  Last year I ran out of 9 card pages and ordered more off amazon and when I did I bought that blue Ultra Pro binder because it was cheap.  Amazon has black ones too but black costs more than blue for some reason.  I don't know where the Topps binder came from that I put 2023 in.  It was laying empty on top of my shelf for a long time, so long I had to remove a thick layer of dust.  It is the only Topps binder that I have and maybe the only one I have ever seen.  I am all out of 3: binders so next year I have a decision to make.  I have like ten 6" binders that are sitting empty but no empty 3" binders.  I may combine some years into a 6" and that will get me through until 2026, we'll see.   Odds are I am going have to order more pages for 2024 team sets anyway so I might just grab a binder when I do.  (the white 6" binder next to 2023 is my Virdon Card binder and next to that, not pictured, is another 6" binder for non baseball card sized Virdon's.)  So there it is, 2023 Red Sox Team Sets are in the book, literally. 

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