Monday, May 27, 2024

2023 Topps Red Sox Team Set One Card At A Time #10 Treaver Story

 After this I am renaming the series 2023 TRSTSOCAAT.  It doesn't quite flow off the tongue but it is way shorter of a title to a blog post. The first card in the 2023 Topps Team Set is #10 Trever Story.

Horizontal action shots in front of the Monster are always welcome.  It is fitting that his Story's card is of him fielding because he is an excellent fielder.  He handled moving from SS to 2nd Base in 2022 like he had always played there and last year moved back to SS without a problem.  

I don't know why Topps listed him as 2B because he only played one game at 2nd all year.  Topps puts zero effort into things because him moving back to SS wasn't any kind of surprise or secret as soon as Bogaerts signed with the Padres.   I know I am looking at it from the future but the whole sporting world knew Story was going to be the SS going into the 2023 season except for the people at Topps.

That said this is a picture of Story playing second.  You can tell he's flipping the ball to his right to whom you would assume is the the SS on the bag.  That WB Mason logo is in the far left corner and the angle camera guys have from their section would put that sign behind him if he was playing second.  If they shot him at SS he would be in front of the left field stands.  


Fuji said...

Nice looking card. I like how the horizontal design works perfectly with that nice action shot of Story. I understand your frustration with Topps and not giving him his appropriate position on the card, but with that particular photo... the 2B fits.

Matt said...

I feel sorry for the guy. If only he could stay healthy he'd be a solid veteran presence in that lineup.