Friday, April 8, 2011

Throwing a Dog a Bone

I threw a bone in the form of some Phillie Gold cards to Dawgbones, a Phillie Phan.  In return he sent some gold my way also:

Papelbon 2011 Topps Gold parallel.   I hate and I love Topps Gold.   I like them because they usually look nice and I have a thing for parallels but I hate that I haven't finished off even one gold team set from any year yet.

Yeah, I don't know who he is either.  All I know is he must be a prospect and I didn't  have this card yet.  Did I ever mention that I hate Bowman's numbering system.

Why am I posting an Opening Day card a week after opening day.  Cause Richard sent it to me and it finished off my team set.  2010 Opening Day team set done a week after 2011 opening day.  It is about time huh.

Lastly is this Pedroia.  This is my favorite card thing in the package.  This is a Fathead Tradeable.  I had never even seen one of these till my package came in the mail.  My Wal-mart didn't get any of these they only carried football Fatheads.  I don't think many did cause I haven't seen any blogs about people getting them either.  I have a feeling that this team set will take a long time to complete.

Thanks for all the great cards Richard.  If anyone has a 2011 Jamie Moyer Wal-Mart or Target parallel drop him a line cause he still needs them.

Don't forget to check out the refractors I have for trade here and here.


dawgbones said...

Glad you liked the package. I have not seen the fatheads anywhere but Ollie's Bargain Outlet, and it seems like a neat little addition to my trade packs, though I'm getting low on them now.

dawgbones said...

Papelbon is stalking me!! I picked up another gold this week in a Wally World blaster!!