Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Opening Day

Now I bet you all thought I was going to talk about the Red Sox getting their first win over the Yankees at home yesterday.  Well you would be wrong.  That is because The D-Backs had their home opener last night also and I took my 6 year old son to the game.

This is him at the Will Call Booth where we picked up our tickets and free food coupons.  It is also where they gave him a baseball card of the D-Back Mascot.  He is a Coyote but I already forget his name.  (it was something terribly stupid).

Mom was supposed to pick him up from school and him and I were to take the rail to the game as soon as they got to the house.  But she stopped for some shopping along the way.  So we then had to drive all the way to the ballpark.  I at least made mom drop us off though so he still got the ride the train after the game.  We got there a little early but not early enough to make batting practice.  He was kind of bummed he didn't get any autos but I explained to him that sometimes you don't get any autos at a game.

Here he is with mini batting helmet and Sharpie in hand trying though.  How many 6-year-olds would call it a Sharpie and not a marker.  I have taught him well.

We had a very good time although I had no idea it was going to be cold and we didn't dress well enough for the game.  (seriously it isn't supposed to be cold in Arizona)

After the second inning we retreated from our seats to the concourse for some food and warmth.  We would never make it back to our seats.  We watched most of the game from the top of our section where an usher gave him a few UpTown towels.  That is a terrible, Terrible Towel knockoff for those of you that do not know.  After the 6th inning we walked to the kids section where hi played on the playground and met a few ballplayers.  Sort of.

Here he is attempting to give someone I forget already and Mark Grace's bobblehead(?) a high five.  He was actually a little afraid of them and stayed well clear of Randy Johnson's character.  These guys race around the field like the hot dog/sausage guys at most ballparks.  Do other ballparks have different kinds of races?  

He was pretty much done after that and we headed out after the 8th inning.  We did stop for a popcorn filled batting helmet on the way out before hopping on the he train finally.

The Diamondbacks won and he had a really good time despite the cold and I am sure he will want to do it again.  Only I may end up loosing him as a Red Sox fan :(  but at least he will still be a co-baseball fan.


dawgbones said...

Actually, the mascot's name is Baxter, and he's a bobcat. I only know this from the 2010 Opening day Mascots set, and I think a bobcat is dumb too!

night owl said...

I know you are trying to get acclimated in a new city and all, but you really should be advising your son that the Diamondbacks are not a real baseball team in any way. ;)

Ryan G said...

The A's do dot races on their little video board. Kind of boring but everyone gets into that kind of stuff. And of course the baseball hidden under the hat game. I think every stadium I've been to does that.

AdamE said...

Dawgbones sparked my memory. The reason I thought it was so dumb is his name was TV Baxter, which didn't make any sense to me. I totally missed that he was supposed to be a bobcat though. Both my son and I thought he looked like a bear. All these questions would have been answered if he hadn't taken that card to his room with him when he went to bead.

Night Owl - I'm just happy he was into going to a baseball game with me. I rooted for the DBacks with him while secretly wanted Votto to hit a home run right into our section. (which was the perfect spot for a Votto HR)

Ryan - Yes I have been to 4 parks now and they all played the ball under the hat on the screen. (it is just a little bigger in KC)

Anonymous said...

Watched some of the game on the TV...crushed by the result. I'm a big fan of the Reds young pitchers, but Wood and Maloney got rocked last night.