Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick Trade with Rhubarb

 I love and hate this set.  It is so maddening that there are 162 Red Sox in the thing yet I must get them all.  I think lots of us got trapped in Documentary.  That is probably what Upper Deck had in mind but it took everyone a while to realize it.  One of the first to realize it was the Rhubarb Runner.  He has been picking these up and trading them all over the place. 

 He sent me 13 new ones and promised that he may be sending more. 

Yes I know  there are 15 cards scanned.  That is because Rhubarb is an enabler.  These last two are not normal Documentary cards, they are Gold parallels.  A parallel to a set with almost 5000 cards in it.  How many boxes do you have to buy to finish that off.  No thank you.  I'm not even going to chase all the Red Sox.  I refuse, it's ridicules.  Yes I'll take them all in trade and I will purchase every single one that I see for sale but I'm not going to collect them.   Not even going to add them to my checklist.  (until I get closer to having them all)  Damn Enabler!!

Thanks David.

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Anonymous said...

The LCS has another big pile o' Sox. ;)

Happy Easter!