Friday, April 22, 2011

Posting late so the right guy reads it first.

I received a package from the very best writer in the blogosphere, Night Owl.  I know my post will never be as well written as one of his but I must subject you to the package anyway.

My son hates mascots and is scared to death of them but he likes mascot cards.  The one that he got at the D-Backs game is now his favorite card.  He had the same smile on his face when he got it as old Wally does on this card.  I must get this one into a binder before he sees it and I have to chase down another one. 

Opening day Blue is a hard parallel set to track down.  Greg was nice enough to send me two of them.  First up is a guy that will be putting on a Boston uniform for many many years to come.  I like what I see of him so far.

He hasn't quite pitched like the ace he is so far but I think he will get better as the season goes on.  Last year I thought he should be the opening day starter but Beckett got the nod.  This year he really was the opening day starter and Beckett has ended up looking way better than he has.

This is the last of the 2011 Heritage I am going to show cause it is so ugly.  Actually I plan to show one more once I get JD Drew.  He is the kind of boring player that this set deserves, plus he is the last SP card I need.

Night Owl knows that everyone like shiny.  Here is a shiny orange refractor from last years Chrome that looks extremely red to me.  At least being color blind keeps me from having to shop for kids clothes.  I got two more orange ones from a different blogger today that I shall post at a later date.  I am slowly getting all these orange refractors from last year.  One good thing about the Topps monopoly,there are a lot less things to chase after so it is easier to get what is out there.  Marco is the only Atomic refractor I need from 2010 to complete that team set.  (they are not really atomic refractors anymore but in my mind they still are and shall always be atomic refractors)

Thanks Greg.


Play at the Plate said...

You forgot there are two of us that work at night...but I pretty much agree with you.

night owl said...

OK, that backfired on you. I went to bed before you posted, and I'm up early because of the flipping dog (don't ask)!

Glad you like the cards.

Kev2380 said...

Kids are funny. My daughter is the same way. We went to Durham Bulls game and Wooly came right up to her, I thought she was going to crawl under my shirt. She was terrified. We went to a game later in the year, this time we were sitting high up. Wooly came out and even though he was about 100yds away she was still scared. I remember being weirded out by mascots. You assume they are like cartoon characters, something you totally don't associate with people. So when you hug one or they touch you and the feeling is unmistakably human it freaks you out.