Monday, April 4, 2011

MCG Delivered

Well they finally arrived.  My MCG cards.  I didn't leave one single card behind either, shipped them all.  Only thing is all of them was only two.  That is what happens when you don't open any packs.  The only packs I opened I got for my birthday or fathers day from my kids.  I had a total of 4 redemptions that I traded down to these 2 cards.

 First is a 57 Gene Stephens.  This card actually started in my portfollio as a 56 Jake Martin.  I tried and tried to trade Jake for a 56 Bob Porterfield because that was the last 56 Red Sox I needed but I never got a taker.  I tried for older Red Sox and never got a taker so I settled for a Red Sox that was only one year newer.  Was I happy with the condition?  You bet.  Probably because I don't really care about the condition of 50s cards.  But actually this is probably one of the best conditioned 57s I own.
The second and last card I had shipped was this 72 Mike Nagy.  I lucked into the Nagy.  See the Troll had so many MCG cards he wasn't having them all shipped.  So rather than leave a 72 card for Topps to give away this year he offered it up first come first serve.  I gave him a 06 National, an 80 Cardinal, and a 2001 something or other for the Nagy.  I do pay attention to condition on 70s cards but not on 72s.  (or 71s)  I don't really like the design but I must own them all so I take them how I can get them.  And 3 common cards for a 72 is a great way to get one.  The condition from Topps was really good and is once again one of the better looking cards in my team set. 

From all the comments I got from an earlier post I think I will be seeing lots of MCG delivery posts from others real soon.

Oh, and I know I told you when it happened but thank you again Marck for the trade!!

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